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bell and liver cancer

hi, my name is Vicky, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer 2nd stage in January 2015, had surgery in February, all good, till December same year, than, liver cancer - 2nd stage, surgery in January this Year, so far I,m all good, no pain or discomfort, only problem is - bell still not working the same as it use to - before cancer was diagnosed, but that is normal,/ according to my doctor/, did not have any tritment after first or second surgery, only check up every 3-4 months, CT scan, blood test and seeing doctors, - that is the hardest as waiting for the results, is very scary.I did take from the day one- juice ARONIJA, - that is berry that is cold-presed, and can be found in any health-food shop, that helps me improving my imunity, and as from last year till today, did not have any pain, not even the cold - considering that I did have 3 big surgery - bell cancer, removal of stomer and liver cancer -all with in 11 months, Hope this can help someone in similar situation.

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I'm in the same place . Had Bowel cancer NETS. . 30 cms removed .. Stoma.. Reversed . Had follow up MRI and ct and found others . Decided to transfer to Royal Free under prof Caplin as they have gold standard scan GALLIUM 67. Found liver cancers bone cancers in scapula , rib, side wall pelvis , sitting bones and lymph . Just had blood test to see if I can EVEN have chemo . Liver biopsy booked but no date yet . Hating the waiting . Stalking the lead neuro endocrine nurse !! Hehe Staying positive but Ci start diarrhoea is wearing me down . Am now on low histamine diet . very informative and theres even an app available ... German Gebhardt . in English too . Very very helpful .


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