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Hi everyone, my name is Vickie. I was told I have colon cancer on 9/5/2018 after the doctor got the results from my colonoscopy. This coming Tuesday I have to get an MRI and CAT scan. The doctor who performed the colonoscopy told me he thinks they caught it in time and I may only need surgery to remove the tumor. I will be seeing a Cancer doctor and a Sugeon this coming Friday and I am scared to death to hear what they say. I am 69 years old and the only time I had any type of surgery was when I was in my early 20’s to remove an ovarian cyst. I am having panic attacks, trouble sleeping and not wanting to eat.

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Hi Jade I had stage 3 with 4 lymph nodes affected in my sigmoid colon I know how scary it is but all I can say is just take one day at a time I’m still here 6 years later after my tumour was removed and my left ovary as it was attached to that and then 6 months chemo but I believe that’s been cut down to 3 months now after they did trials when I had it thank god for colonoscopes as I was only 54 mine wasn’t detected as you don’t get them until your 60 was been treated for irritable Bowel for 8 months. Good luck for the future and look after yourself x

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Thanks Maureen. I’m trying really hard but having trouble eating because I am so terrified and stressed about everything. I keep trying to put this in God’s hands but I keep taking it back.

Hi Vickie, I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer a year ago with 2 lymph nodes had surgery to remove tumour and lymph nodes followed by 8 cycles of chemo as a precaution. Surgery went very well via keyhole, speedy recovery and was back on my feet a week later taking things nice and easy. I was given the "all clear" in April and am being monitored over the next 5 years. I was terrified prior to surgery as never had one before but once you are given the anaesthetics you just sleep through it and before you know it, it's all over and you are wheeled into the ward after a couple of hours of post surgery watch care. Chemo was not too bad with minimal side effects, hopefully you won't be needing it but if you do, go into it with an open mind, everyone reacts differently. You may meet some nice people in the same situation. Important thing is to keep positive and to take one day/step at a time. All the best, stop worrying as the stress won't be good for you especially now and you have to eat well and prepare yourself for surgery. Like me, you should be thankful it was caught in time. Take care.

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Thanks for the information. I am trying to stay positive it’s just the not knowing that is scaring me. I have a lot of support from family and friends and I have a strong faith in the Lord. I know He is with always. Thanks again and God Bless you!!

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God bless you

I had colon cancer and had an operation to have part of my bowel removed. I now have a stoma permanently because I am nearly 74 and they were concerned because I have asthma. i didn't need any chemo and was given the all clear. If you need this done they can do keyhole surgery for some people and if possible they can reverse the stoma. Please try not to worry as they can do wonders these days. sending lots of hugs xx

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Thank you for the encouragement. God Bless you.

I can imagine how scary the thought of surgery is as having a colonoscopy recently was very anxiety-inducing for me. How about you try to reframe the situation and see an op as a chance to rid your body of something horrible, rather than a negative experience though? I’m sure they will take very good care of you, you can do this!

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I am trying to look at it that way. It’s just all the unknown stuff that scares me. I do have faith in God and I’m trying to put it all in his hands. Thanks for the encouragement. God Bless

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That’s totally understandable! Best of luck to you, God will be watching over you ❤️

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Hi Jade first thing I will say is don't be afraid it's natural to feel this but you do yourself no favours when I had my first bowel resection I ended up with a colostomy and in truth I hated it at first but with time I got my head around it and accepted it what others felt was not my problem.

If it has been caught early the surgery is straight forward and recovery swift, Keep positive and you will prevail.

I have managed nearly 4 years but the bloody things returned (found out a week ago) but it seems to be at a very early stage due to a PET scan for something totally unrelated so now my surgeon is waiting for a CT scan before deciding what happens

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Thanks for the encouragement. I hope all goes well for you. God bless!!

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