Travel Insurance - Update (sorry about the delay)

A BIG THANK YOU, to Newdawn, Cllcanada (Chris), Hairbear, jangreen, olyocl, milliemoo123 and hammy for the helpful answers to my question. I meant to respond sooner but I wasn't sure of my password (oops) and, as my daughter in Perth Oz, got engaged on Rottnest Island at the end of January, I've been busy successfully booking church, organist, reception, photographer, video, ceilidh band, cake, vintage car, flowers et al for her Perthshire (Scotland!) wedding in December. I travel, alone, Glasgow - Dubai - Perth Oz 21 March for a six week stay. // Anyway - travel insurance - I phoned Saga who quoted £345.76; I phoned Insure Cancer - and that was a HORRIBLE experience! The guy there had a pseudo-sympathetic, sorrowful tone. He told me how brave I was, asked me how far I could walk, what I weighed, seemed to think that my Stage A, W&W CLL meant that I was ready to give up the ghost any minute, said I could only get travel insurance within 28 days of travelling - and that it would cost over £1000!!! You can imagine how I felt when I came off the phone. I then went on to Mia and that was an excellent, painless, positive experience. The representative was totally on the ball, knew exactly what my circumstances meant, told me that I should see my GP to have a note put on my medical records stating that I was fit to travel and then phone back and that it would cost £168. So I'm insured with Mia; so special thanks for telling me about them. Interestingly, my hubby (who is staying at home in Bonnie Scotland and is probably glad to be getting a bit of peace from me) has free Europe-wide travel with his Nationwide Flex Account. He phoned Nationwide and I spoke to the girl there. For only £50 we could both get world-wide travel insurance with them. However, I would NOT be insured if anything happened to me which was CLL related. As Chris said, it is highly unlikely that anything untoward would happen re my CLL but it would be a risk. Inasmuch as insurance companies like to avoid paying out, what if something happened to me out there, with my blood, or whatever? It would be silly not to make sure that I have the peace of mind knowing that I'm medically covered, largely because, even if an illness was unrelated, it might be that an insurance company might argue that whatever wouldn't have happened had I not had the pre-existent condition of CLL.// That's my update! Thank you so very much!

Gartshore x

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  • Gartshore, so glad you've got settled and it all sounds very exciting (but exhausting!).

    I had a similar experience with Insure Cancer 2 days ago. We needed to renew the family annual travel insurance which we had with Direct Line last year. I thought I'd see what kind of quote I could get from a specialist insurer. What a mistake!

    Sounds like we may have got the same man, possibly an Asian gentleman? He asked me the same questions but sensed I was becoming increasingly irritated. He then suddenly announced that I was far too fit for them to insure as they specialised in cancer patients who nobody else would insure. Long time since anyone told me I was 'too fit!'

    Upshot is I rang Direct Line and got an annual family insurance covering pre-existing conditions and my CLL for £334. No additional questions, no forms, no medicals or supporting letters. Having used Direct Line for car and house insurance, I know they're very good should the worse happen.

    Have an absolutely wonderful trip!

    Newdawn x

  • Hi Newdawn

    I was interested to hear you managed to get Annual insurance including Cll for £334, was it for Europe? as I have been trying to get World Wide including America and have been told I can only have Single trip.

    Would be grateful if you could let me know.

    Olyocl x

  • Hi Olyocl,

    Yes regrettably my travel insurance only covers Europe, Canaries and Azores (I've just had a look through it to make sure). But I think it's a reasonable deal and probably still ok because I'm pre-treatment (and well under 60).

    I was dreading the questions but they simply asked me if I was receiving treatment and was I terminal (gulp time!).

    I hope you manage to get sorted with your travel insurance for Japan. I've been there with my husband on business, stayed in central Tokyo. It was some years ago but boy is it an expensive place! Very obliging people though, feels safe and very interesting.

    I have my haematology consult today so a bit jittery but hopefully all ok. Fingers crossed!

    Newdawn x

  • Hi Newdawn, I replied to this a few days ago but it didn't save. I am very interested to hear of your experience with Insure Cancer. At least you were declared too fit, whereas I got the idea that the guy (who was English) was of the - uninformed - opinion that I might expire on the plane! That's interesting re Direct Line. I was just happy that the guy from Mia was so nice and so informed and I am pleased with their service. Insure Cancer should be given a wide berth! After I got my insurance, a lady at my gym told me of a broker in Angus who obtained insurance for her. She looks perfect for her age - tall, slim, fit, in great health - but this belies the fact that she had a serious stroke a few years ago and this has made it more difficult for her to obtain insurance at a reasonable rate.

    Thank you for your good wishes for my forthcoming trip. I've hidden the sadness about my daughter being so far away but my heart is full of happiness at the thought of seeing her again shortly.

    Gartshore x

  • Hi this is great news and gives me a more positve outlook with travel insurance. We too have Nationwide EEC insurance with our account so it may be worth giving them a ring. I am at a different stage though as I have had 1st line treatment (FCR + M). Have a good trip.

  • Yeh, Nationwide worth trying. I think I would go with that the next time if I was travelling to Europe to a country with reciprocal EEC health cover. However, for the Antipodes, it's best to be extra careful.

    Thank you for your reply and good wishes for my trip.

    Gartshore x

  • Hi Gartshore, Glad to hear you managed to obtain travel insurance at a reasonable price. Like you I have also travelled to Austrailia on my own, have a wonderful time, weather will be good there.

    This week I have been searching for insurance for a 2 weeks holiday to Japan, prices varied greatly and I settled for Daily Mail £170.10. Tried unsuccessfully to get annual insurance All Clear was £1,171, other companies said they could not insure annual because of the CLL. (I was trying to get World wide including America).

    Have a wonderful trip and let us know when you come back.

    Oly ocl xx

  • Hi Oly ocl

    Thank you for your reply. It is very interesting and informative to hear of others' experiences with travel insurance. The price differences are truly astounding. Glad to hear you travelled Oz alone, successfully. How exciting to be going to Japan and that Daily Mail provides insurance at a reasonable rate! Enjoy your trip. We can both give updates on our trips on this website!

    Gartshore x

  • I find this very interesting. I have annual travel insurance through our house insurance with the NFU . The cost is quite reasonable but excludes my CLL which I feel I can go with at the moment but I always get my condition checked before the start of any holiday and tend to leave booking until as late as possible - it does cover me for fell running in the Austrian Alps which is probably a greater risk!


  • Thank you, Pilch. Your comments are very helpful. I think that, at this stage, I will be happy to obtain similar insurance which excludes CLL - and is cheap through my hubby's Nationwide - if I were travelling within the EEC. Mind you, after my forthcoming Oz trip, I'm quite sure I'll not be needing any foreign travel insurance again this year. (Have to save for daughter's wedding).


  • Just been told of a travel insurance company with the rather naughty name 'Balls to Cancer'

    (Reference to testicular cancer) but I'm posting details in case it helps anyone struggling to get cover. I haven't used them and am not recommending but worth checking out.


  • Well, that made ME laugh anyway!


  • Having been trying all morning to get an insurance company to cover me for international travel, I was beginning to despair. As soon as you mention CLL the shutters go up and nobody wants to know. After reading your post, I contacted Mia and am delighted to confirm that I am now insured. I was treated as a normal human being and answered a few questions before being accepted.

    Many thanks,


  • Hi jonniesdad

    Welcome to the forum ... enjoy you trip

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