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Travel Insurance

Hi, I know this question has been asked and answered before but I can't find the information. I was diagnosed in August 2012, the same month as my daughter emigrated to Perth, Australia. Having absorbed the initial shock and attended a Mindfulness course at Maggie's Centre, I have today been bold enough to book a 6 week holiday to Oz to visit my daughter. I have never travelled alone before and have never travelled so far from Bonnie Scotland! Anyway, apart from a little apprehension, I now need advice re getting insurance for someone with CLL. Could someone please give me their recommendations / experience re cost and companies? Thank you.

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Hi Gartshore, first of all, what a wonderful trip to be going on but understand your anxieties.

Hairbear put some excellent travel insurance links on Americanflyers blog 'multi trip insurance' up the list at the moment. Macmillan obviously offer great advice on this.

I've been abroad a couple of times since diagnosis May 2012 but not long haul. Obviously being able to use a EHIC card in Europe helps.

I'm stage A, W & W, no treatment as yet and found that our regular travel insurers were excellent. I disclosed my CLL and they added a very reasonable premium with little fuss and no distressing interrogations. That was with Direct Line.

They did ask me if I was having treatment or was terminal (which was a bit upsetting) but they were quite sensitive.

A specific travel insurance company for cancer sufferers is;

Have a wonderful time in beautiful Perth!

Newdawn x


Most travel insurance is to cover catastrophic events medical coverage, like car accidents, falls, serious illnesses, and often provide return flights to your country of origin for advanced medical treatment etc. if required.

While it may cover chronic conditions like CLL, the likelihood you would require treatment while on your trip is slim to none...

Disclose your CLL to the insurance company, it will cost more...but better safe than sorry.

Safe trip...pace yourself.



Have a great trip, If you use a broker to investigate, you won't push your quote up by too many visible searches. Here's the information from Macmillan and Cancer Research, to help with booking travel insurance.

Macmillan published their booklet last summer, it aims to help you buy travel

insurance and lists brokers that may be of help. .

Getting travel insurance when you

have been affected by cancer

Summer 2012

This booklet includes:

• About travel insurance

• Buying travel insurance – a checklist

• Insurance companies and brokers

• If something goes wrong

• Making a complaint

• How we can help you

there is a section on the website at:

Also Cancer Research UK


Hi when I was in W & W the travel insurance (CLL disclosed) was very reasonable. Since treatment I have stuck to the EEC with EHIC card and free travel insurance with our bank account. We would love to take a trip to down under so let us know what sort of premium were quopted.


Good to hear you are going to Australia, I travelled on my own to Australia from Scotland several times, it was a long journey but I enjoyed it. I now also have CLL but have not travelled to Australia since although I have went elsewhere and the insurance company i used was AVANTI.CO.UK I always declare CLL and felt this company were not TOO expensive.


I went to the USA last year and used Mia online it cost me around £125 where as a lot of other company were quoting £300+ they are worth a look. Hope you have a great time.


for the last 2 years I've used Club Direct. It is more expensive that normal insurance but I get to travel.


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