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Chemotherapy or not?

I was diagnosed with CLL in 1997 though probably had it for some years before that. I had chemo in 2004 and again in 2008. Then I had a right pneumonectomy in 2010 for cancer. Now my haematologist is talking about more chemo since my platelet count is around 34,000 and the infiltration of the bone marrow is at around 95%. I would like to know what happens when the infiltration of the bone marrow reaches 100%? At present the chemo has been postponed because the haematologist doesn't want to risk further cancer in the remaining lung, whereas the pneumologist says that the chemo would be alright if it is necessary. I don't know what to think! Help!

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This is simple too complex a question for this site to answer...IMHO

Are your haematologist and pneumologist in discussions?


Yes, I agree. So far as I'm aware, nobody here is qualified to advise you on this, I'm afraid. I do wonder if you're seeing a generalist haematologist or a specialist CLL consultant? Given your complicated history, it might be wise to ask for referral to a specialist if you're not already seeing one.


Thank you for the prompt response. I live in France and am seeing a general haematologist, who is a professor in this field, I am not at all sure they have specialist CLL consultants here. But finally my haematologist and the pneumologist are about to start discussions, so we shall see what the outcome is.


Hi Sorry to hear of your situation. I think the discussions between specialist is essential. Also have you considered asking if there is a trial you can go on as you are a complicated case?


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