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Bone marrow biopsy results

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Hi everyone, we just had a phone call from my husband hematologist/ oncologist. She said in bone marrow and flow symmetry they didn’t find any evidence of any type of bone cancer but the bone marrow shows inflammation and for that he should see rheumatologist and she said the low grade fever and night sweat may be something that rheumatologist can find the reason. So now we are happy that he doesn’t have cll but still don’t know what is wrong and why he is anemic with night sweats and low grade fever. I am asking for cardiologist consult to find out if this is heart related. Any suggestions ?

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Is his hematologist a CLL expert? Specialist work at Cancer Centers, see patients and do research.

Anemia can be due to lots of things.

His blood work was normal except HGB? What was his HGB level? 💕

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FM1116 in reply to GMa27

His hub is 10 now and the hematologist that he sees is not CLL specialist

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10 is below normal range. If he doesn't have CLL then he needs to see another specialist. Does he have a GP to coordinate specialist choices as to he should seek next?

Cardiologist is a good idea. Anemia can be from the heart.

Gastroenterologist can check from esophagus to colon area.


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fm1116, there are many sources of anemia--the blood will need to be tested to get at the reason. Bone marrow inflammation can be rheumatoid arthritis or other arthritis related situation and night sweats are a symptom seen in RA.

So sorry this has been something of a wild goose chase for you and your husband in regard to CLL. But, that may be a blessing to have ruled out so you can now get to a Dr. who will do more and hopefully more relevant testing to get a diagnosis that, again, hopefully can be treated sooner than later.

The time has not been wasted with your Dr. he/she has uncovered a specific need for continued testing and differentiation by a specific speciality.

Here's hoping the rheumatology referral will be soon and get to the bottom of the problems. Best wishes.

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FM1116 in reply to cllady01

Hi, called to make an appointment with rheumatologist, end of August is first available. I don’t know if this is because of Corona or usually they have a long waiting list

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cllady01Volunteer in reply to FM1116

from what I have heard from friend, it is a very busy speciality, and the virus may have made that even busier if they were closed for a time. Is the hematologist going to explore the anemia, if that hasn't been done, and if the hgb is low enough to need treatment, (10 needs to be explored.), ask him about that and insist some tests be done. Also, ask if he can help to get your husband seen by the rheumatologist sooner. It never hurts to ask and lean a bit when you need to.

It is a good thing you have the CLL ruled out. That is what we are able to help share and support/educated each other about.

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Hi, his hub is 10 but the hematologists said she is not going to treat it at this time and will weight until he is seen by rheumatologist. She said she wants to know the cause of anemia first. I will call here again to find out if she can help us with appointment. Thanks for your suggestions

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