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dog Kennel Cough vaccine UK

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friends have just had their dog vaccinated for kennel cough and told to keep their dog away from people with their immunity compromised for six weeks. I have never heard about this before

25 Replies
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The dog kennel cough vaccine is like the UK children's flu vaccine in that it's an attenuated, live vaccine delivered nasally which then sheds the virus particles for 4-6 weeks.

Because of my CLL and the fact that my dogs never go into kennels, my dogs have never had it by agreement with my vet.


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Veebeegeebee in reply to Jm954

This has struck a chord with us! Are Australian dogs vaccinated with a similar vaccine? I know the one which is 'snuffed' up the nose (C5) is supposed to work more quickly (72 hours) than the (C5) injection (7-10, even perhaps 14days). My husband George has CLL AND WE OWN A BOARDING KENNEL! How can I find out? From George's oncologist or a veterinarian?

All dogs and cats have to be fully vaccinated to board: but how can I regulate dog's not coming in with a new vaccine immediately before boarding as some people forget the actual due date and immunise with the immediate acting one to be up-to-date, more often than not!

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PinkFoxtrot in reply to Veebeegeebee

yes - it’s a live vaccine and can be transmitted to people! I’m a vet - been retired over 20 years - and was warning my clients about this well before I retired. I have to say I was never aware of anyone catching kennel cough from the vaccine but it is a theoretical risk.

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Vlaminck in reply to PinkFoxtrot

But never heard of kennel cough in humans. So if virus spreads to a human, what happens? What happened when a year or so ago I got a dog vaccinated (while on W&W), I don't recall. Would think most animal vaccine viruses wouldn't "take" in humans ---?

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PinkFoxtrot in reply to Vlaminck

The dog vaccine can cause a cough and cold like condition in man - it’s usually mild but obviously care is needed if you are immunosuppressed. It’s thought that many people get kennel cough but don’t find out because it’s not severe enough to seek help. It’s also important to note that there are several types of kennel cough and it’s only one of them that’s transmissible to people.

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Vlaminck in reply to PinkFoxtrot

Thank you. Hmmmm. Going to board my dogs for a couple nights in November, and they're gonna want kennel cough. Might talk to them and see if I can by pass (as my dogs live on my farmette with only very rare contact with other dogs). I now wonder, if a dog catches kennel cough (pretty mild, I believe), whether we can get it from that as well -- betting so. Oh, the issues we so happily ignored before.

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PinkFoxtrot in reply to Vlaminck

yes - you can - but it’s a very rare occurrence! You only have to take care for 2-3 weeks after the vaccine - don’t let them cough or sneeze right at you! I think it would be better to have them done rather than risk them catching it and bringing it home! It can go on for 6-8 weeks and their coughing would be much more difficult to avoid! Transmission to people is very rare though!

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SofiaDeo in reply to PinkFoxtrot

oMGoodness, mine get the oral but I was never warned. TYVM for this! They don't lick my face, but I do sleep with them and they snuggle when I am feeling ill, so lots of contact.

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Yes the same advice that Jackie was given was also given to me for my Golden Retriever only found out during the pandemic but so pleased I know now.

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Hi Jm,I was advised by my vet the same thing but only for a couple of weeks,avoid them licking or sneezing into your face as it’s a live virus that can be picked up by the immunocompromised.I had both dogs done as it’s a requirement if you have to kennel them …I didn’t pick anything up from them,just avoided the licks and snorts!

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I wore a mask when I visited with my friend and her dog that had kennel cough. It was several weeks after he had contacted the cough and while he thinks I am his nap place when I am there, I avoided the licking as much as possible---washed my hands each time I could not avoid it.

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My dog gets it twice a year my myself and wife who also still suffers from side effects of cancer have never had and issue

Jammin_Me profile image

+1 Thanks for the heads up, Sailing1973, I don't have a dog, but my friends have dogs like a dog's got...well you know. Yet another question to ask, and a diplomatic one at that.

I guess it is better to start calling them acquaintances. People get so offended if I tell them, "hey it's great for you, if you want get back to "normal" but, you could kill me". The issues isn't them and it isn't me; it's that if I want to stay healthy, changes have to be made.

DriedSeaweed profile image

How significant is the risk? Hypothetically possible or lots of cases of this happening?

I’ve been getting my new pup all the vaccines recommended. Fortunately, I haven’t caught anything over the past couple months.

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Jm954Administrator in reply to DriedSeaweed

I think it's low and everyone has to make their own decision really

YelvertonDevon profile image

just had both dogs vaccinated but they did not have the nose one. Never heard of this either. But will let my Vet know.

Oleboyredw-uk profile image

oh, a bit worrying and certainly news news to me, although that just means we've not been told by our vet.

Our dog will be due to have her fourth and our previous dog had then all her life. I've never liked dogs licking me and getting too close so maybe I've been lucky plus distant enough to reduce the risk.

That does make me concerned about me or our dog getting close to other dogs we dont know about.

Thank you for sharing,I need to do a bit of readjng.

Best to all, rob

uide3095 profile image

Hi yes, I have been told about this also the main annual booster after a neighbour advised me about it. My consultant reviewed it into detail and said the urine can be the main risk as well as facial as the nose is also wet as well as the poop, and yes the vaccines are live !

kitchengardener2 profile image

Gosh I hadn't heard that either. I bred dogs for years but always used homeopathic vaccines. I suppose the vaccine would live so yes we would need to stay away. Six weeks seems a long time though.

Cheshire2016 profile image

my vet asked me about any at risk household members, at the time my husband was about to start FCR so I had one dog vaccinated early, and the other one missed her vaccination until he had finished treatment and recovered. Vets thought it was a low risk and possibly linked to a single observation , but we decided it was a risk we had control of, so worth playing safe.

For dogs in other households, then just avoid for a short while.?

Mandy56 profile image

good to know, thank you.

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My dog gets the kennel cough vaccine every 6 months because she goes to doggie daycare whenever I have appointments out of town. The doggie daycare franchise I use in 3 different cities requires proof of 6 month boosters. She no longer gets the shots because my vet administers it to her orally, closer to where kennel cough occurs for more effective targeted delivery.

She does not show affection by licking so I lucked out on that with this breed. I have had no problems even with her sleeping on my bed and as a single household I can't realistically avoid her. I have a large acreage so she can eliminate far from where I would be and if closer I use a long handled shovel to transport away. Her most recent booster was in July and did not affect me.

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My vet advised me that she was not allowed to give my dog the kennel cough vaccine due to my CLL as it is a live vaccine. I think it is quite a normal practice and as my dog never goes into kennels it is fine by me.

Vlaminck profile image

Just called my vet's office, and was advised 1) that the bordetella sp? vaccine is not live AND 2) that kennel cough is not caught by adults (I put up a bit of resistance, that I was reading otherwise, but don't think I was believed).

Angus1953 profile image

I was told about this by my vets few months ago she asked if anyone was vunerable in house I stated my husband had CLL so was advised against it because the vacination is live.

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