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UK and Flu vaccine

Had to go to the GPs today to pick up a repeat prescription for hypertension. While I was waiting for the receptionist to finish on the phone I spotted flu vaccine flyers and a list of dates/times to get flu jab.

Now booked for wife and I on 23rd Sept.

It's now approaching the time to get in line for your 2017 jab UK folks, if you haven't already done do.

best, rob

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Yesterday I asked at my GP surgery about flu jabs, and was told they won't be available till Sep 26th. I'd hoped to get a jab earlier than that, so I emailed my haematologist about it.

He replied very quickly, suggesting I try Boots the Chemists. Hubby looked on line and was able to book me (and him) an appointment for next week (Sep 13).

Just mentioning it, as another option for folk in the UK.



Thank you for the reminder. I expect to get it in early October at my next Hemo/onco appt.


Hi Rob, timely reminder I must book partner and myself into our local chemist. I find it more convenient, no queuing like there is in my GP's with many already sniffling.

Best wishes



Thanks for the reminder - I'll pop in to the surgery to see when these are being scheduled.


This morning hubby and I had our flu jabs at Boots (the chemists). The pharmacist told us that Boots were now giving the Quadrivalent vaccination (covers 4 strains of flu) rather than the Trivalent vacc (that only covers 3 strains). I asked her if everyone offering flu jabs in the UK would be giving the Quadrivalent version, and she wasn't sure.

For those folk who haven't had the jab yet, it might be worth checking to make sure they are getting the Quadrivalent version.

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The papers say (if you believe them) that the Australian flu is going to be bad this winter, so make sure you get it quickly


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