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Another "latest" update

Afternoon everyone. Hubby was at Dermatology yesterday to have an MOHS procedure. Appt was at 8.30, we left 11 hours later.

The BCC on his ear took 6 specimens before it finally came back clear. The BCC had spread further on his ear and in the words of the doctor doing the procedure. 'It took them by surprise'. The area they removed was 3 x 3 He needed to have a skin graph which was taken from his neck.

The 2mm sample taken from his thigh was purely precautionary. He is feeling very anxious at the moment mainly because he isn't in control of what is happening. I have to remind him that he has now got 2 ALL CLEAR from both his bowel and skin cancers.

Just need to get his reversal op done asap and think we can start to perhaps look forward.

On a funnier side Never thought I would end up being able to do catheters, stoma bag changes, injections and now look after skin graphs and check for any changes. Always wanted to join the QAs so now I can at least play at being a nurse lol.

Have a great weekend...


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Hi Susie,

thanks for the update. It's great to hear he's making progress on all fronts. The BCC op sounds quite involved in the end. Hopefully the reversal will be soon and you can both get on with life

You've been through a lot together and I think you got it just right when you said it's the loss of control that is also very stressful.

Well done to you for doing all those nursing/caring procedures that you're now an expert at!

Have a good weekend.


Wow tiring day but good news though I think you would prefer to build your skills list in other directions Susie!

Milton Keynes UK Marc

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You both amaze and inspire. Thanks for the update. sending love and healing.

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