Hi.  I have just returned from The Christie, Manchester, with my husband, he has been for his 3 monthly check up.  He has been on Idelalisib for 9 months now and his bloods are back to normal, we are so pleased with his progress and look forward to many more good times ahead.  We have a holiday to Weymouth booked for July ,and our grand-daughters wedding in 3 weeks which my brother and his family are coming over from America for so I am starting to get a bit excited.

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  • That sounds like excellent news for you and a great response to the treatment.

  • Congrats on his good health. Can you elaborate if this is part of a clinical trial and of frontline or not? 


  • Thanks Jeff. It is not pRt of a clinical trial. This time last year he was quite poorly, and as he has heart failure the treatments he could have were limited, we went to see Dr Bloor at Christies and he tried him on Idelalisib which seems to be doing the trick.  June

  • June,

    I'm sorry to be a pest but was this his second line of treatment?


  • Sorry should have said he had FCR about 7 years ago, it was this that damaged his heart hence the dilemma for treatment this time. 

  • June,

    What dilemma? It's working thank God.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🍻🍾💃


  • Brilliant! Enjoy the holiday and the family get to together and here's to many more.

  • Such a lot to look forward to and such positive news. Enjoy! Xx

  • Great news!Such a lot to look forward to as well. Enjoy. Xx

  • Hi June

    Good newsfor you both. Enjoy the wedding and your holiday in July.

    Best wishes.



  • Good news, congratulations and just in time for summer :-)


  • Wonderful new! Enjoy the holiday and wedding, amazing days ahead.

  • Hi June,

    Delighted to learn of your husband's excellent response on Idelalisib and I wish you both good times ahead.

    Dr Bloor is also my consultant. At my consultation two weeks ago we discussed that treatment will be required shortly and discussed in broad terms treatment options available (I am relapsed FCR and relapsed Bendamustine and Ofatumumab).  Idelalisib was one of the options mentioned and therefore it is good to hear of your husband's excellent progress.

    Best wishes to you both and enjoy your holiday and family wedding.


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