Splitting nails

I'm new here. Will be starting ibrutinib soon with prednisone . Right now taking prednisone because my hemoglobin is 7.5 and they can't find blood to be transfused. I have to many antibodies in my blood. Feeling tired, resting and tv. Want to know if anyone has acrylic nails to help the splitting nails I have been reading about. I read somewhere it's not a good idea. Was diagnosed after breast cancer in 2010. Going to start biotin 5000mcg.

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  • Hi Corkyrissa,

    My oncologist said no to manicures and pedicures because of the risk of infection. Also, our local hospital does not allow acrylic nails. They don't want the added risk of germs lurking under the nails. I keep my nails short and do my own manicures and pedicures. Not everyone on ibrutinib experiences splitting nails. Good luck. Sally (USA)

  • Cll california Thank you I didn't think it was a good idea. Will manage. Another question--- when do you take your meds am or pm. I'm afraid because of diarrhea if taken in am. Would be awful to have an accident say if going out for lunch or drs office.

  • I take my Ibrutinib precisely at 8pm nightly on an empty stomach and with lots of water both before and after. I used to enjoy a glass of red wine or a cold beer now and then, but decided to give it up. I just don't want to take any chances. I haven't had any nausea and hope to keep it that way. I'm sure others have a drink and it's fine. This is my third treatment regimen and I'm not taking chances. I've had FR, BR and now Ibrutinib. All my labs are within normal range and in January they were terrible. Ibrutinib has been working well for me. I hope you have the same luck. Keep us posted. Sally (USA)

  • Thank you that's what I thought would be best. I know what you mean ,don't want to make waves.

  • Hi Corkyrissa

    Acrylic nails only cover up and further weaken poorly nails, try any one of the nail oil preparations you can buy to help condition them.


  • Hiya and welcome!

    I'd endorse what has already been said about acrylic nails and in addition, they will make your nails even more fragile and brittle.

    Regarding the Biotin 5000mcg seems a lot when the daily requirement is just 30 mcg/day and the body also has the ability to recycle it. I couldn't find any interaction with Ibrutuinb but that doesn't necessarily mean there isn't one and the proposed biotin dose is very high.

    This link might be useful in helping you decide what to do: webmd.com/vitamins-and-supp...

    Best wishes

  • I think biotin added to the serious rash issue as rash only started after using biotin.

  • I have this side effect from Ibrutinib as well as getting small spontaneous cuts (similar to paper cuts) around on my finger tips. My CLL specialist John Byrd, who was one of the pioneering researchers on Ibrutinib, recommended I take 5000 mcg (5 mg) of Biotin a day. It helps but doesn't completely resolve the nail and skin side effects. Dr Byrd also suggested putting super glue on nails that are splitting badly. I was able to find super glue with a brush applicator and it works well to prevent nails from splitting to the point where they are painful. You can cover it with nail polish if you want. If you also get the little cuts, I find that putting Vitamin A &D cream sold for diaper rash on them and then wearing a band aid helps them heal much more quickly than anything else I tried. This was the suggestion of my internist and it really works for me.

  • As a guy I'm not up to speed on most issues dealing with nails..brittle nails and those small painful skin cuts in fingertips are about the only side effect I've had 14 months into Imbruvica. My nails also seem to be growing far more slowly than ever before which is compounded by splitting and chipping.

    For the splitting skin,,, I keep several bottles of New Skin Liquid Bandage handy at all times. After a day or two I find it's easy to trim the cut edges to avoid snagging the edge. I will say those little cuts can hurt like the devil.

    For the nails I apply Hard As Nails... it's clear and not overly shiny so it's not noticeable. I will say I'm getting better at applying it...my now adult daughter would have liked my new found skill back when she was 3 or 4 and dad would paint her nails...

    All in all Imbruvica is a pretty smooth ride.

  • Thank you for your response. I just want to be prepared for any side effects if I can. Hoping this drug will be good for me.

  • My nails started splitting 9 months into Ibrutinib. Hair is much coarser but not bad. Told no for acrylic nails. Just stopped Ibrutinib after 15 months due to significant rash & itch.

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