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Hello everyone!

I am just finishing the 2nd cycle of FCR for my CLL diagnosed 2011.

Must say it's not been at all bad ... so far anyway.

No sickness at all but did get anti-sick tabs and anti virals, oh and also anti kidney and chest infection tabs.

Only negs have been tiredness and some quite bad constipation which came right after a few days with sachets of Laxido as recommended by the chemo help-line nurse.

Lymphocytes are already down from just under 600 to 1.5!

Happy days!

Good luck to all!

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Well done. It's amazing how quickly the enemy drops!

The dreaded constipation. Me too but only in the first cycle however consumption of fluids is important through out all cycles.

Give yourself a treat each cycle. A day out or a meal out with friends. My appetite was not good in week 2 of the cycle so at the restaurant I asked for a light meal explaining I was on hospital medication and appetite was poor. All accommodated my request without the need for the cancer story and I could still socialise as normal. Remember no alcohol in first weeks of the cycle and if you can abstain totally.

Take care.

Well done you are doing really well and lucky not to have the dreaded sickness. I have just finished my 4th and suffer quite badly with it. My oncologist told me that for some reason women seem to get the sickness more than men, I don't know how true that is. I suffered with constipation after the first course but was recommended lactulose which I take every other day and it's a great relief! Good luck with the rest of your treatment and I agree with Devonrr, drinks as much fluids as you can.

Best wishes

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