FCR and nausea

Hello fellow CLLERS,

I have just finished round 2 of FCR. First round I had horrendous nausea so bad I couldn't sleep for days. This round they gave me Emend but the unfortunate side effect was severe constipation. I ended up extremely distressed and having to have two enemas and I was still nauseous.

Has anyone had severe nausea and how were they treated? Desperate for advice as can't bear the thought of going through this again.

Thank you all for your support.

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  • Kenn

    Ask for an alternative anti sickness drug.

    It may take time to find the right one.

    Nausea is common with FCR so you need to get it sorted the treatment is bad enough without side effects !

    Take control of your med team they are there to make life easier.

  • So with you..A & E twice because of nausea and vomiting. I learned quickly to try to manage it with a variety of drugs.. I take aprepodent days 1 to 3 but top up with ondansetron. I can honestly say that I feel wiped out but as soon as nausea comes on I take something. Each round I have always been a bit sicky . Take your laxatives too . ..If you can get them down .

    Go back to your nurse/ consultant and infirm them .. They need to assess your anti sickness .

    Goodluck x

  • Thanks Bethan. Have an appointment with my haematologist. Biggest problem for me is getting help when I need it. I'm told to phone haematology ward if I have problems but they're not interested if your temperature is in normal range. Then you end up with Nhs 24 and absolutely no consistency of care.

  • Sorry to hear of the sickness, cannot help with the FCR part, but had two family members who had it. See if you can get a change of tablets.

    My Dad fount that if he took his anti sickness before treatment and did so he never felt sick or was sick. If he waited for the feeling, took forever to go away, was more tired etc. So he never suffered doing it this way.

    Another refused more meds as they didn't believe in it, they used ginger, from biscuits, tea, in food, ginger piece etc they had it every day for over 8 months. What works for one, doesn't work for another. However, hope you manage to get something or find something, as you don't need additional things to deal with.

    (p.s I am travel sick and always carry ginger biscuits lol )

    Take care

  • Sounds to me like you are not consuming enough water... and Emend can cause dehydration...

    Ask to switch to Odansetron, I found it to be the most effective in chemo but it didn't touch radiation induced nausea, but you need to stay ahead of the nausea... once nausea starts there is little you can do but ride it out...

    At one point I was on 4 different antiemetics... but anticipation is key...


  • Im having chemo in tablet form. Does anyone know if it's better as regards nausea if administered intravenously?

  • What pills... Fludara and Cytoxan? Might be something to talk to your doctor about... they can switch you to IV in mid treatment...


  • Yes Fludabarin and Cytoxan. Wondered if having these via iv (pharmacist suggested it) would help with nausea. Wondered if anyone has experience of this?

  • Yes I had severe nausea. It's dibilitating. Hospitalised twice during 6 sessions of chemo FCR. " The team "got together with the pharmacists to advise on several different meds lorazepam and ondansetron being the ones I remember. But you do have to stay ahead of the nausea so at the slightest hint take the anti emetics.

    Ginger is very good I got sushi ginger from the Japanese shelf in Smarket. Hydrating icey poles from the chemist too.

    It will pass with time and a little help with the meds etc but it's a bloody awful feeling.

    Sending you a hug

    Sheila in Fremantle

  • Thanks Sheila. Is that Fremantle Australia? This really is an international group. I'm in Edinburgh Scotland.

  • Yes Kenn, here in western Australian. Originally from Warwickshire my father was from Hawick lots of Elliot's there!!

  • So sorry you've been so unwell. I was also sick for two rounds. From the third round they gave me a single Akynzeo tablet before chemo. I then took Odanastron from day 5. I had little nausea and wasn't sick once after that.

  • Have you tried travel bands? they worked for me, I wore them for the six FCR months and only took them off for baths. They're wrist bands that press on the acupuncture point for nausea - chemo, sea sickness, pregnancy. The Navy give them out to new sailors as standard issue so they must work. Ginger also works and avoid all acid food or drink like coffee, orange juice or tomatoes. Good luck, we know how you feel.

  • Thank you all for your helpful comments. It can seem so lonely when your locked away from everyone and feeling unwell. Will bring up your ideas with haematologist on Thursday.

  • Travel bands are called Sea Bands here (California). I have seen them work for children who have terrible issues with car sickness. They are also often used by pregnant women for morning sickness, as well as for chemo induced nausea. Whatever you are given to take, use it on schedule, not when you feel the nausea coming on. It's important to stay ahead of it. I hope your next round goes better.

  • Took all medication on time but still was terribly nauseous and was vomiting. Will try the sea bands.


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