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Fcr started

First post after lots of reading on here.

It has all been very helpful.

I am male aged 66 diagnosed 4 years ago after hernia surgery

If not for that I would not have found out until 5 months ago when I was admitted to hospital with anemia (heamoglobin of 6) received 4 units of blood initially followed up by approx 2 units every 2 weeks.

Have now started for treatment days 3 to 7 were the worst but I would say tolerable one every4 weeks.

Day 14 I am feeling bad again and very tired. Anyone had similar experience I would be glad to hear


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Mid cycle you are at your lowest as the next two weeks your body recovers ready for the next dose. I hope you are taking your temperature each day and trying to avoid infection.

If you are worried about your symptoms phone your chemotherapy nurse contact number. It is better to be over cautious and get advice than to go it alone.

Take care.


Hi Alex

I'm 55 and was also tired after each cycle, but my consultant assured me that fatigue is to be expected with FCR. After completing 6 cycles at the end of this summer I'm now in complete remission, and whilst I still have to pace myself and tire easily, I'm getting stronger all the time. I found exercise helped, as long as you don't overdo it, and eat well. Above all stay hydrated.

Take care and best wishes.


Thanks sandy great to hear how well things are going

Doctors tell me I am young man but I am not 55😀

Maybe wake up tomorrow feeling better

Thanks. Alex.

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Days 4-7 definitely the worst due to nausea for me. However fatigue and feeling bleugh lasted into week 3. Then managed fairly normal, not working, with rest when required. I was mid 50 s. However it might be you are a much fitter 60 year old than I was in my 50’s !

It’s worth the bleugh for the remission. That’s from the looking backwards viewpoint.


The doctors obviously think you are fit enough to go through this treatment otherwise you would have had something gentler but maybe less effective. Age is just a number! Drink lots, especially early in the day.


Hi Alex;

Much the same as you, I was diagnosed after a bout of shingles. I completed FCR in July 2015 and found that during treatment I was tired for two weeks but much better in the 4th week and then start again. I am now in full remission with yearly checkups as of last September. I did post a write entitled FCR experience and expect a few other hve as well. You should find plenty of FCR reviews using the search.

Stay positive and good luck.



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