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Fcr update


I thought I would let you all know how my fcr is going hopefully to give those that are soon to be starting treatment some encouragement . I am currently at my treatment centre just about to be plugged in to start my 3 rd course, I will be honest the first course wasn’t great but I think that was due to me not managing it very well and also working out correct drugs for anti sickness etc, it doesn’t mean yours will be not be easy, the second course was fine hardly any nausea and feeling back to normal within 7 days. My bloods since starting are now back to normal and my platelets have risen from 56 to a normal 205 so all worth the once a month onslaught , so hope you all who have fcr have a roaring success.

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Sounds promising! Wishing you a smooth journey to MRD.👍

dandelup in reply to Elizabetha

Thank you

Thanks for the update. Your post gave me hope my second and beyond cycles will be better than the first!

dandelup in reply to AdrianUK

I truly hope it will be my first wasn’t good, but with my second I took my chemo tablets with food, but I also got laxative powders from dr and took those on first day of chemo and everyday until day after tablets finished so 6 days in total and also had a cup of smooth tea every night it’s a laxative you get it from Amazon I discovered it was constipation that made my first dose of chemo so bad so good luck


Glad things are progressing well dandelup apart from the intitial nausea and constipation issues. It’s helpful for people like me to be aware of these possible issues.

Hope things continue to go well and it will soon all be over and on the mend.

Great recovery on the platelets! 😊

Best wishes,


It's so good to hear that things are going better for you now. I had the opposite experience. The first round was not bad, but they gradually got worse until round four put me in the hospital for a week. My doctor thinks that I am allergic to fluederabine (sp?). He said that is rare, but happens once in a while. Oh well, I made it through four rounds and am now in remission. Hopefully you will get a good remission with no real problems.

Hang in there...:)


Are they testing you after 3rd round? I reached remission after 3. Feeling great. I finished chemo in August. Good luck!

dandelup in reply to GMa27

I’m on Flair trial as far as I am aware I have to complete all six lots

AdrianUK in reply to dandelup

The Uk tends to stick to the clinical trial data that suggests at least for the group as a whole patients are more likely to have longer remissions if they complete all six cycles. I must admit having just had one it seems such a steep climb to get to six!

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