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Good news at long last

Evening, had our post op and histology appointment today and I'm happy to report that all is great. The tumour was from a polyp, a T3, it had grown into the muscle wall of the colon, but had not touched any lymph nodes. The surgeon removed 180 lymph nodes and they were all clear !!!!

Hubby is at the moment, very very borderline as to whether or not he will need chemotherapy. They will have a meeting on Monday and contact him to let him know the outcome. If he doesn't, they will insert a dye through the back passage to test if the op site is leaking, if it isn't they may then look at another op to reposition the stoma earlier than expected.

To say we are overjoyed is putting it mildly. The best 70th Birthday present he could have plus we saw the scan of our new grandchild due in November so a fantastic day all around.

The only negative was his was 90, just wondering how long these things take to come back into normal range. The colorectal team are going to contact hubbys Clinicical Nurse to see if they can bring his appt forward rather than wait until June.

Take care everyone


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Great news. And a happy birthday wish for Hubby and a smooth entrance for the new grandchild in November.

Celebration time, even if it is just a Whoopie!


Wonderful news!!


Lovely news Susie, I hope things continue to improve for hubby. I would not worry too much about his HB result for the time being, it is a little lower than the normal but nothing too significant considering what has been going on recently.

Take care and try to relax a bit now, you deserve it, best wishes to your hubby.

Kevin - Essex, UK


Great news for you both Susie and news of a precious addition to your family will spur you both on! Good luck with meeting Monday

UK Marc


Thank you for your positive update on your husband.

Really pleased for you both. How lovely that you also have the joy of a new grandchild to look forward to.

Warmest wishes of all good to you all.

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Great news - glad to hear all picking up


Great news. Best wishes to you both going forward.


Good news all round.



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