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Isn't it time for some Good NEWS??


My husband started Ibrutinib in April after his BR chemo failed. He is 11q deleted. We were just at the doctor's this week, and his blood work came back with near normal ranges!!! His white blood count was 10.0, his red blood cells were 4.7, his platelets were 154!!! His neutrophils were 1.9 (low normal)!! His lymphycites are still very high 7.5 and 71%....but that is down as well. A year ago today, his WBC was at 160,000 and he had mouth sores, fatigue, fever, swollen nodes, skin infections, enlarged spleen, and had lost 25 pounds. For over 5 months, he was neutropenic with neutrophils at 0 to .5. So for now, this very minute......we feel encouraged, blessed and he is out golfing as we speak. Our next appt. is in A MONTH!!! Keep the faith everyone......

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Woohooo, WONDERFUL news, thank you for sharing this update! Sending my heartfelt congratulations to you both Kathy!


kathymac52 in reply to DebKat999

Thanks Deb....just wanted to encourage everyone today!!

Very good news for you both! Relax and enjoy the new moment of joy. You both deserve some good news and I am very happy to hear that you got just that. I hope that your husband get's many more games of golf in and that you both get to enjoy life to the fullest...:)


kathymac52 in reply to noeagaman

Thank you Chris....I am a very spiritual woman and have sent up prayers of thanksgiving!!

Awesome news Kathy!

Thank you Kim....I think of you all as family, and wanted to share!


Great news Kathy. Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

Rejoicing with you,


kathymac52 in reply to PaulaS

Thanks Paula.....just wanted to lift some spirits today, as our are lifted!!!


I bet your pleased, really good news and hopefully continued success.


kathymac52 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Stuart.....we are pleased, surprised and enjoying this feeling of normalcy.



Sounds like Ibrutinib was his hole in one.

You both enjoy this and deserve this.


Thanks jeff, my husband really laughed at that one......we feel lucky for this moment in time.

Kathy, That is wonderful!!! Keep having the FAITH AND BELIEVIN!!!! STAY STRONG J.R. 🤠🤠🤠

kathymac52 in reply to JR1964

Thanks if we can keep affording that drug.....we will stay strong!!

Such a great story !!

kathymac52 in reply to Philipoc

It has been a rough couple of years, but nothing makes me smile more than to see some color in my husband's face.....and see his energy increase!!

Wonderful news💃

kathymac52 in reply to migirlusa

Thank you......have to keep pushing forward......hoping the trial of Ibrutinib and Venetoclax is successful....been hearing great things...

Yahoo! Great news and thanks for sharing it! Long may it last.


kathymac52 in reply to pkpayne

Amen.....long may it last.......( we have to figure out how to keep affording this miracle drug, tho.......we have a grant but it will run out in two more prescriptions.....)

Good news for you both.


kathymac52 in reply to Wroxham

Yes, we are actually planning a Sept. vacation......had to cancel two of them last year....

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. Here's to good health!

Here's is to good health for all of us!!!


Oh, Kathy

I am so happy to hear this from you. This is such great news.


kathymac52 in reply to Hidden

yes, big guy......your time will come.....and you will get better! Just keep the smiles.....and your wicked sense of humor which we all have grown dependent on!!

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