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CLL and appendectomy

Hi, I have CLL and am currently on watch and wait. I had an appendectomy on Friday, the symptoms of which appeared along with a very enlarged, fluid-filled lymph node. It was in the region of a hernia repair that was done last January, so that's what I thought it was at first. I didn't have typical inflamed appendix symptoms. After the blood work came back, the white blood count was actually lower than my last results, but there were other indicators of infection, so he proceeded with the surgery. It was indeed an inflamed appendix, though it was hiding in the lower right quadrant. He removed it by laparoscopic procedure, and gave me antibiotics to deal with the lymph node. Sound like a good plan? He felt everything else looked good. I will follow up with my oncologist tomorrow.

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Hi KHuff

It does sound like a good plan, your surgeon seems to have acted promptly in removing a source of infection, and potential pain. Good luck with your recovery and specialist appointment.

Our cll takes a bit of a back seat when surgery is needed, but with antibiotics we usually do well.

Do let us know what your specialist says.

Best wishes



Hope all goes well for you.

Best wishes.


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