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FDA updates warning about Bendamustine (Trenda)

The FDA issued a statement, warning healthcare professionals not to use the chemotherapy drug Treanda Injection (bendamustine hydrochloride) with closed system transfer devices (CSTDs), adapters, and syringes containing polycarbonate or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS).

In an expanding world of medical knowledge and pressures on doctors to treat patients quickly, I wonder if this type of knowledge is getting to all treating oncologists? Oncologists are sometimes delegating responsibility to NPs or may not be aware of the mechanisms for what is used in drug delivery. I wonder who is ultimately responsible for implementation for appropriate delivery equipment for Bendamustine.

It would be interesting for patients to ask, prior to infusions, to see if a provider is aware of equipment compatibility issues.

WWW - Be well and question authority!

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The key word in title is "update" and the article, if link is opened, is self explanatory.



The article referenced is in Hematology Times and is free but you must register to get the article.



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