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Complete Remission!


I posted here some months ago when our world fell apart and a number of you lifted us and helped us to get our head around the shocking news. We then had the bombshell that no watch and wait, FCR was starting the following week...

Well we are through the other side and on Wednesday we got the fantastic news that Mark is in Complete Remission! Lymph nodes all back to the size they should be (Mark 'HAD' SLL not CLL) and no cells found in Bone Marrow :)

To say we are elated is an under statement.

I thank each and everyone of you for the support you provided to us, many of you personally messaged us and I am still humbled by your kindness

Mark will post himself here soon... once he comes down from the high and gets 5 mins... His phone is constantly ringing with well wishes from friends and family!

Thank you all, I hope that I can one day offer support to others like you all did for us!

Time to live again :)

Thank you Lisa xxxxxxx

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That's absolutely wonderful news Lisa and has lifted my day! Warm best wishes to Mark at his complete remission....long may it continue!

Certainly is time to live life to the full again and enjoy the celebration! Glad you both found help and support on here.

Newdawn x

Summer5 in reply to Newdawn

Thanks Newdawn xxxx

That is wonderful news.

All good wishes to both of you.

Summer5 in reply to manzelka

Thanks Manzelka xxxxx

Thank you for taking the time to let us all know ... I'm smiling with you.

You've all been through so much in such a short time ... " Time to live again " says it all.

Summer5 in reply to ygtgo

Thanks ygtgo xxxxx

Great news!

Summer5 in reply to andrewschorr

Thank you Andrew xxxxx


Wonderful news Lisa, so happy for you both.

So pleased that you have let us know and absolutely thrilled for you at this happy outcome.

Enjoy life!!!


Summer5 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Bub xxxxx

Fantastic news for you both, smile on and tell the world how you have beat this

May your lives prosper long and happy into a ripe old age.


Summer5 in reply to pitbull

Thanks Kirk xxxx

What lovely news, my husband has just had his 6th and final chemo and we also hope for better news next month. Enjoy your life and being able to make future plans, God Bless x

Summer5 in reply to bandsman

Thanks Bandsman, I'll keep you both in my thoughts & prayers xxxxx lots of love xxxxx

news so good to hear- enjoy!

Summer5 in reply to speckly

Thanks Speckly xxxxx

Great news.My husband is just at the start of CLL, diagnosed with prostate cancer from same blood test but we are really positive. He is a month over open surgery to remove lymph nodes from abdomen and groin....awaiting results to find if they were coming from CLL or Prostate. We don't know anyone else who has both but we are trusting all will be well. It's good to know your good news. These things make us look at life differently and to appreciate all the lovely things around us. We have an appointment with CLL specialist on Thurs. Up till now it has been 'watch and wait'

Summer5 in reply to hollywood1

Hi Hollywood1, I will keep you & your husband in my thoughts and prayers, much love to you both xxxxx

hollywood1 in reply to Summer5

Thank you Summer5 We appreciate your thoughts and prayers. We are still waiting for results from surgery.Hopefully they will come this week.We just have to be patient.

Absolutely delighted for you both. Enjoy this summer and many more to come!

Summer5 in reply to fieldmeadow

Thanks Fieldmeadow xxx

What good news, May you both enjoy a lovely summer with none of the worries of late, Take care.

Summer5 in reply to casanova

Thanks Casanova xxxxx

Wonderful news - so happy for you both.

Definitely time to look forward and enjoy life. x

Summer5 in reply to School3

Thanks School3 xxxx

Happy happy happy ... God bless

Summer5 in reply to fish61

Sure am happy happy happy :) thanks fish61 xxxxx

wonderful news in the international week of happiness and spring has sprung here in the UK!!! Spread the joy, Im delighted for you. And me, Im 12 months post chemo and feeling good!

Summer5 in reply to bobby48

Hey Bobby48! Thanks and your message has lifted me even more as the focus is now on keeping it at bay xxxx congrats on your 12 month post chemo and great to hear you're feeling good xxxxx

Brilliant news, well done :)

Summer5 in reply to louise66

Thanks Louise 66 xxxx


Hi Lisa,

I can only echo what everyone else has said, but I still want to say it - that I am SO HAPPY for you and Mark.

Wishing you all the best for the future,


Summer5 in reply to PaulaS

Thanks Paula xxxx lots of love xxxx

Brilliant news ... I'm just approaching my last two rounds of FCR and am very much looking forward to being out the other side in time for summer. Always good to hear of the success of others travelling the same path. x

Summer5 in reply to jibs60

Hey jibs60 xxxx thank you so much and good luck with the next two rounds, hope you are coping ok, judging by Mark's experience it's tough going but so worth it, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers xxxxx

And finally a massive thank you to each and everyone one of you, you've no idea how much we appreciate your support, I know our 'journey' would have been much more difficult without your support and kind words.

I've not had the honour of meeting any of you but you've been more support to me than you will ever know and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart

Lots of love to you all xxxxxx

You have come through this and are doing well- it gives hope for those of us who are still on watch and wait- have been for 6 years- and the longer I wait the more scared I get. Hopefully ibrutinib will be licensed when I eventually need treatment. Just live your life now and enjoy every moment . Summer - lovely pseudonym!xx

Always good to hear people getting good results from chemo. From someone who went from W&W to the Ibrutinib arm of the RESONATE2 study.

Best Wishes,


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