Happy 2018... Choose your Pooh Bear Character!

Happy 2018... Choose your Pooh Bear Character!

Happy New year to you and all here! This forum becomes our sounding board, our counselling session, our font of knowledge, our diary to log and share our darkest thoughts, our laughter but most importantly our support.

It's a while since I wrote on here but I still dip in constantly. I'm now just over a year post FCR and mainly feeling pretty normal apart from the odd weird sensation where lymph nodes were.. Life has returned to a normal.. Albeit a new normal.

Cll can overwhelm us and we drag it with us wherever we go. We worry about things we have no control over and it can change us.. However let's make some choices.. Live life to the full.. Be Tigger.. Be that bouncy, exuberant and excitable person.. Yes we have cll but we can live well with it!

I don't want to be Eyore who drags everyone down and looks on the dark side of life making everyone around him sad and depressed.

We can take a leaf out of Owls book.. Wise.. Do a bit of research and learn about Cll but don't become all absorbed by it. Leave it to the great medical people we have in our lives. Be responsible but not obsessed.

Then there's Pooh Bear.. The great philosopher... If I could chooses a cloud it would look just like you! Make good friends, appreciate your family and love them. Be kind to yourself. Make adjustments to live with cll. Fight through that treatment and know we're all here to support and listen and for those on watch and wait.. For the first, second or third time, let's be ever grateful for new treatments.

I wish you all a happy new year and wish everyone a great 2018... We don't know what it will bring but we have great support here.


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25 Replies

  • Happy New Year All.

    I certainly used to be Eyore, but I think CLL has taught me how to enjoy life uch more than before. I'll stick with Eyore I think, but endeavour to make him more cheerful.

    Funny i have had the flu for the last few weeks despite the jab, but it has given me time to rest and reflect and give me a much more positive outlook thinking how great it will be when I'm well again. Ok now apart from blocked ears. Just need to maintain that positive thinking into the new year.

    Best wishes to all,


  • Get well soon x

  • Nice one Bethan I agree. All the best to everyone for 2018.


  • How are you?

  • Happy new year Bethan, tigger for me!!

    UK Sparky

  • Thought you would be! Me too... Its the only way I can cope!

  • Love it!! I'm going to strive to be even more Tigger!

  • Some days I’m Tigger but some days I’m just Pooh (and I don’t mean the bear! ) 🐻


  • Piglet here. A small, timid creature, who likes to walk with someone bigger and more confident.

    But Piglet is capable of unexpected bravery at times. And is very loyal to friends through thick and thin.

    Much in admiration ( and slight envy), of the bouncing Tiggers.

    Happy New Year everyone,


    P.S. My nickname actually used to be Piglet. My friends choice not mine, but I liked it. One friend still calls me Piglet sometimes.

  • I love piglet too.. He's consistent and as you say loyal. I'm a Tigger but when we go down we go down hard.. However we do pick ourselves up!

  • Can I join you in pigletdom? It describes me, too.

  • Welcome to Pigletdom, chrisgranny. Plenty of room here and newcomers always welcome... :-)

  • Lovely piece. All the best in 2018.

  • Heffalump 🐘🐘🐘

  • Can you tell us why you chose Heffalump, Chris... :-)

  • I built a Heffalump trap once as a child, and promptly fell in it.. so ipso facto... I must be a Heffalump! 😁

  • Thought you were calling me a heffalump... I do nerd to lose weight but...:)

  • Beautifully said! Happy new year all!

  • Thanks!Beatuifully said

  • Tigger on a bike for mr Happy New year all

    Jules the Flyer

  • Hi Bethan and everyone else.

    Happy new year to you all.

    We see Paul’s CLL consultant tomorrow to see how things are, 2 years after finishing FCR, so I hope and pray we will be 2 Tiggers bouncing out of there tomorrow ( although I’m not allowed to bounce, now I’ve been told I have osteoporosis!)

    Sending lots of good wishes to you all ( my saviours over the last few years)

    Fran 🐅 xxx

  • Let us know how you get on... X

  • An excellent post, and the replies!

    I've always been a Tigger but realised it can be a bit wearing for those around me - friends I've known since I was five, still 'squash' me.

  • Thanks Bethany. Being newly diagnosed your post was very helpful in reminding me not to allow my day to be consumed with thinking about the illness. I also look at what I have control over vs. what I don't. Love your encouraging words about how to live life!

  • Glad to hear from you Bethan. Loved your post but don’t know where I would fall. Maybe something between Tigger and piglet. Happy New Year to all!

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