Road to a BMT... oops just got there (Day+26)

We were finally discharged today and very happy to be home.

Here are the details from our consultation with the Dr.:

1) BMT/blood work - very pleased with progress and counts are fantastic

2) liver function - all positive

3) kidney function - all positive

4) GVHD - no signs but may see activity once Mark stops taking CYCLOSPORINE which will be in about 4-6 weeks

5) mental/spiritual - Mark is very anxious and stressed about being home (very natural and only time will help to make him feel safe/secure)

6) Me - thrilled and looking forward to getting us settled

7) viral/bacterial/fungal infections - all clear (he is not on any antibiotics)

8) chest CT (we had one yesterday) - shows positive improvement from last week

We will be back on Friday for our 1st out patient clinic appointment - check blood counts and day to day challenges. The good thing is that clinic will be twice a week for a couple of months and the Team can be pro-active if we see any signs of challenges. This will really help in preventing Mark having to be re-admitted into hospital.

We are both looking forward to hiding away at home for a couple of days with no IV’s, no nurses, no Dr.’s, no isolation and no more hospital food!

Take care,



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15 Replies

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  • Fabulous! So happy for you both :)

  • Great! Keep us posted.

    Be well.

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  • What fabulous news! Mark will understandably be anxious but hopefully all will go smoothly now. What a relief to have him home!

    Best wishes,


  • Great news, NMMP! :-) So pleased for you both.

    I can understand the ongoing anxiety as it's still early days, but it's such a relief that he's home. Enjoy your escape from nurses, doctors, infusions and hospital food! :-)


  • This is amazing news for you and your family.

  • Great to hear sending prayers your way.

  • I am following your posts closely for reasons you well know.

    I wish you and Mark all the best as he continues toward the

    ultimate goal of what all us CLL patients desire, total eradication.

    Mark is fortunate to have a wife and caregiver like you

    as he goes through this arduous process which requires a great

    deal of courage.


    Miami Beach

  • Thank you Nick

  • I am very happy to hear about the great progress your husband is making, but I also wanted to cheer YOU - wedged in there between "mental/spiritual" and "bacterial/viral/fungal infections". You, too, are being a hero in all of this!

    Wishing you all the best!


  • Thank you - πŸ™‚

  • What fantastic news! May things continue to get better each day. Best wishes to you both!


    A future beckons, you have been there throughout this trauma, your love and caring have been tried and not found wanting, a support which has been invaluable, and will continue to be.

    Wishing you a happy life together.


  • way to go -- both of you!

  • Hurray!! So happy for you both.

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