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Road to BMT...oops just got there (Day +250)


Hello HealthUnlocked Community,

I wanted to reach out to everyone and give you an update on Mark’s progress with his BMT, today is Day +250 – can I get a YAHOO!!!

We just got back from our clinic appointment down at PMH in Toronto and once again we are thrilled to advise that blood counts are normal, and things are coming along.

Mark continues to progress very well, and fingers crossed we will continue on this path of positive results including being CLL FREE, which is what we hope for everyone dealing and suffering with this disease.

He has managed so far to dodge any serious or chronic GVHD but again we are being cautiously optimist. He has had to deal with minor skin GVHD and was able to treat it with over the counter ointments/creams. The Dr. was suspecting (last month) of a minor case of gut GVHD but thank goodness a consultation with a GI Specialist has ruled that out. For those of us in the BMT world we know that skin and gut GVHD can become quite trying and serious. We have now moved to 6 week vs. 4 week appointments at the BMT clinic and are very excited.

As always thank you for listening as well as all the support, prayers, and wishes you all have sent our way.

Take care and all the best,


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Fabulous news. So pleased for you all particularly as today is my day 0 and cells are just minutes away from finishing transferring! 💃

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All the best and sending positive energy!


Great news may things continue on the positive side.


YAHOO! Wonderful news. I was interested in the fact that Ibrutinib is being used for some cases of GVHD. I haven't seen anything recently, and wonder where things stand with that. First rebirthday coming soon!

That’s great news. Praying 🙏 everything continues to go well. 😇🙏😇

Great news!!! Thanks for the update!

Whoot, whoot!! and Yahoo!!!! More encouragement for the rest of us....God bless you as well, being the caretaker.....I am as well, and it is difficult for us as well.

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Hi kathymac52,

Yes being a carepartner is and can be very challenging and as I have said before we are special people but also blessed to be able to be there when someone we love needs us.

Take care,


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