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Musicguy's finished 6 month's treatment with FCR

Thought I would give an update on my status, Chemo is done!!!! Completed 6 month's of FCR, went well no real problems. Thanks for everyone's advice on going through chemo it really helped me prepare for treatment.

Never really got sick throughout the process, just a bit of flu like symptoms, feeling very blessed. The Tom baker center was fabulous and very caring, as was my oncologist and the many nurses . Just have a 3 month wait to see if the treatment was successful and do a minimal desease analysis. Merry Christmas to you and your families.

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That's fantastic to hear Musicguy! Glad you weathered it well with the help of a good medical team. Best wishes for a very long term successful outcome.

Enjoy Christmas now, you've earned it!



Congratulations on the completion of your treatment. You certainly have much to celebrate this holiday season. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and good health in the New Year!!


Nice to hear... well done! Canadian docs and nurses rock!...just saying...

My last treatment was a year ago to the day... much to celebrate.


Celebrating with you, Chris, and thankful for a year of your time spent helping people on this site. May there be many more years...


Great news! I hope that your report in three months comes out boring patient! I love being a boring patient.

Have a wonderful Holiday season!


great stuff Musicguy, I start in the new year so your experience is what I hope I shall have.

Have a really good festive season.



Done just in time for Christmas, now that's what I call a BIG present.

Deck your halls with boughs of holly and all that, and have a wonderful Chrismas.



As the saying goes in Texas "y'all done good!" Happy Christmas and a great start for 2014,,

fish 61


Thanks for sharing your news.

Merry Christmas and a Magical New Year



Merry Christmas to you too, Musicguy. It's great to hear that FCR went so smoothly for you. And here's wishing you all the best for 2014 - especially when that 3 month test comes up.



So pleased for you Musicguy. I finish round 2 of FCR today but having rough ride. Good for others to know that some people have a smoother journey. Look forward to hearing how your 3 month check goes.


Hi Sorry to hear you are not doing so well. I too had a rough time so know what you are going through.Try to stay strong though I know that not so easy to do. I hope that after treatment you will be like me 2yrs down the line with no MRD and feeling like my old self. Best wishes and Good Luck.


Great News Musicguy - like you I have just finished my six chemotherapy cycles - (see post.) and we can start to look forward to 2014.

Seasons regards and wishes.



Good to hear it.Musicguy. I hope to be just like you....Starting fcr on Thursday a little nervous. I am determined to get through the 6 months without any major incident. I wish for you wonderful results.Keep us posted when you get them..


Hi Becks111,

Like you I was pretty nervous when I started treatment. All the advice from the people on this site that I received was very helpful for the preparation! make sure you have lots of reading material. I used my iPad a lot and watched old murder mysteries, I am a bit addicted to them. Have food and snacks with you, take your anti nausea medicine the day before treatment and an hour before treatment at least. I found that medication really slowed my bowel movements and had to use a lot of prunes to counter act those effects, 4to 6 prunes 3 times a day, made the world of difference and only had to do that for 3 or 4 days during treatment. The anti nausea were the best thing ever, forgetting to take them changed things drastically. The best advice was for the rituximab, if you feel any burning or anything that does not feel right, tell the nurse they have seen it all. But I am sure that is true for all the drugs you are given. I would feel fine the first and second day but by the third day I got what my wife called chemo brain, kind of like you have the flu and want to rest. It would last 5 to 7 days. Then I started to feel myself again about 75%. I realize everyone's experience is different, but that was my experience and it was consistent throughout the treatment. They told me that if I ran a temperature of 38 Celsius for an hour to get right to the hospital but that never happened never so much as a sniffle. I did not work and am still not working.

I wish you the best with your treatment and may we both have many more healthful years.




Thanks for describing your experience. I start treatment at the end of January and your words will help guide my preparation and, hopefully, I'll have a similar story to tell in 6/7 months time.

Good luck with the 3 monthly check.


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