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Latest CLL Global Research Newsletter interviews Dr Neil Kay of Mayo Clinic

Latest CLL Global Research Newsletter interviews Dr Neil Kay of Mayo Clinic

Dr Neil Kay conducted research into the effectiveness of the Green Tea extract EGCG on CLL, after the Mayo Clinic won the contract to do a proper scientific study on this using funds raised by CLL Topics (Chaya Venkat). He talks about this study, plus the outcomes of his latest research on how CLL cells interact with their microenvironment and the Mayo Clinic's current study into the influence of Vitamin D levels on CLL patient survival times.

I strongly recommend anyone interested in CLL research read this interview. It provides a fascinating glimpse into an area of research (microenvironmental crosstalk) that holds promise for breakthroughs in controlling and perhaps curing CLL by a researcher that first started working on CLL research in the '70s.


Page 4 of this newsletter covers CLL Glbal Research's 'To Do' list and I'm sure many of us would love to see some breakthroughs in their chosen research topics!

There are other articles that may be of interest, including an introduction to the new grant recipients and their chosen research topics on page 6. Of particular note is the research being conducted by Dr Asish Ghosh of Mayo Clinic on which follows on from Dr Kay's research into how extracellular vesicles alter stromal cell (microenvironment) function in CLL progression and therapeutic outcomes. A local grant recipient is Dr. Graham Packham (University of South Hampton, United Kingdom) who is examining the communication between the B-cell receptor and proteins on the surface of CLL cells.


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