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“A tale of one city and a small town boy”

“A tale of one city and a small town boy”

Penarth Pier - Cardiff

Professor Chris Pepper - Post doc training and the disease that changed my life

Video -and slide show -

Chris gives a talk to potential future researchers about his interesting life spent devoted to helping us solve the challenges of improving outcome for those living with CLL. Chris is one of my favorite researchers and is such a great man. He has given me a chance to fly the Welsh flag again. (thanks ErnieUK for the heads up).

This is a really revealing insight into the man and just how passionate those that dedicate their lives to finding the answers for us are. This an earlier article of Chris’s this year ‘Familial’ chronic lymphocytic leukemia - An interview with (the then Dr) Dr Chris Pepper earlier this year this explains his passion for CLL

Happenings of Cardiff CLL research group

Cardiff CLL blog

I did touch in my recent report about this years CLL Catovsky prize winner at the UK CLL Forum Dr E J Walsby.

“Big congratulations to Beth! She has also won her first grant as a principal investigator. The grant is fromLeukaemia and Lymphoma Research UK. The title is “In vitro modeling of the effects of BTK and PI3K inhibitors on circulating CLL cells”. Well done, Beth and good luck.”

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Thank you Nick

Good to have all this information about what is being investigated and achieved here in Cardiff.



mmmmhhh............what happened to my reply???????????


Hi Mikey

I received a note saying you had posted it here: ‘Familial’ chronic lymphocytic leukemia - An interview with Dr Chris Pepper

"Thanks for this Nick. He is what we would call 'a good bloke'.

I particularly liked his comment in futuremedicine: "I firmly believe that the advances that have been made in CLL over the last few decades have come about because of consistent research on patient-derived cells and a constant focus on clinically relevant questions". and......."Many of the patients who donate their blood for our research are incredibly interested and enthusiastic about what we are doing with their cells, and that is a real inspiration and encouragement to everyone in the team".

Certainly a good news piece, thanks :) "


ooopppps!!! Senior moment :)

I came back from hospital Thursday and found 15 mails in my inbox from this forum!! I've been trying to catch up on them all :)


Just spotted this item. From LLR A brief news focus on the man behind the coat.

"In today's Behind the lab coat Q&A we speak to Chris Pepper, a Cardiff University Professor, who has been researching the signalling pathways and molecular mechanisms that promote drug resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia for 15 years". - See more at: leukaemialymphomaresearch.o...

PS as well as their Behind the lab coat series this week, there are a few other interesting articles further down the page relating to CLL and LLR funded research and initiatives to improve patients outcome:

Trials Acceleration Programme getting new cancer drugs to patients sooner - See more at: leukaemialymphomaresearch.o...

Scientists fingerprint single cancer cells to map cancer’s family tree - See more at: leukaemialymphomaresearch.o...


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