Blood test today

Hi All

I had my 6 monthly blood test today and in the last 6 months it has gone from 44 to 45 so I am quite pleased with that and it's all systems go for Paris, mind you I told the consultant I was Cycling to Paris regardless what my results were today. It was the first time I was checked and prodded my neck Liver and spleen but all was ok.

He said It was 19.20 when it was found over 3 years ago but then went from the 19.20 to 33 and then around 39 and has been early 40's ever since all other results are good and show no sign of changing.

Just to update on the fundraising front we are now at 8165.65 pounds for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research which I am quite pleased with, anyone ever done fundraising will know how difficult it can be.

If anyone wishes to sponsor me then they can on the attached link

Best wishes all


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  • Good news on the blood test results Julian. All systems go now for the mammoth cycle ride!


    Newdawn x

  • Somethings you can always rely on

    Like it rains when you don't want it to and which ever way you Cycle the wind blows in your face but the thing I look forward to most is a reply from Newdawn always nice to hear from you.

    Best wishes


  • Well that's very nice Julian though I did initially worry that I was being likened to the rain and wind in your face! Lol...

    I just think we all get a bit fundraising weary and maybe forget the tremendous personal sacrifices people make to do these things. So many people on here do their own bit to further the cause but regrettably I couldn't take to a bike unless it was a tandem with a paramedic up front!

    So great for the CLL sufferers who are prepared to challenge their own limitations. Every penny for research counts.

    Newdawn x

  • Hi Julian,

    My counts were similar to yours in my first year (2010) I completed the Great South Run that year and in 2011 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Only prevented from doing it last year by sciatica which still bothers me after 15 months.

    I would say get out there and do what you can, while you can. My WBC was in the 40s in October 2010 and in the 60s/70s in October 2011.

    Well done on your fundraising.


  • Thanks Mikey

    I had sciatica before so I can sympathise as I know how painful it can be.

    I guess with the blood counts they all vary I must say in the 3 years since diagnosis I have tried to do lots of things and have been very busy so in a funny way it has been good if that makes sense.

    So Mikey how are you now, what are your counts like, and how are you doing ?

    Best wishes


  • Hi Julian,

    I'm doing OK. Just entering my fourth year with the beast. My WBC was 136K but has now gone down to 108K in 2 steps. The worst prob is the low Immunoglobulins which are all low. Hb is also down to 11.5/115 although I don't feel anaemic and am getting my exercise by bike at the moment. When I do feel really tired I get out on the bike and 'oxygenate' the body and feel better for it.

    Have you had Cytogenetic/FISH analysis? I have the 11q22 deletion, CD38+ and probably am unmutated, although that is not in my Bone Marrow Biopsy Report. With the prognostic markers I have I feel fairly sure that I am.

    I have just had a CT scan 11 days ago but have not heard the outcome from my consultant

    and may not until my next consultation at the end of June. She is not particularly communicative.

    All the best for your upcoming challenge.


  • Hi mikey , its stew here have you had any treatment at all or are you on watch and wait at the moment ? Thats great news julian on the blood tests results

  • Hi Stewie,

    No, no treatment yet although I have been told to expect it this year. My next appointment is 3 weeks tomorrow, so will see then.

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