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I believe I can fly

Hi All

Wanted to update you on the Training and Fundraising for the cycle ride

I have a Guy helping me he is brilliant knows his stuff and sets me targets he won't let me take it easy and pushes me.

Two weeks ago I was getting frustrated as I wasn't improving as much as I wanted to anyway all of a sudden I am on top of my game and everything is coming together I feel strong and faster - I love flying along makes me smile as I ride my bike, so basically I am on target for the ride and feeling pretty good. 

Down to the fundraising as it stands today we have 14290.86 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research - we have 638.70 for CLLSA which brings in a total of 14929-56

So basically we are 70.44 short of 15k woo  hoooo

Some of my friends have sponsored me on the CLLSA page and if we could get a few more that would be fantastic

One for the ladies and well maybe guys I will post a picture of my thighs - thats got to be worth a few pounds, there looking good :)

Anyway best wishes all and take care

Jules doing it for all of us       justgiving.com/Julian-Twocock3

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Lots of money :)


I've seen your thighs Jules! Don't subject the Ladies to the that! 

ps. They want me to do the Flair trial in about 3 weeks - any thoughts?

but in the meantime it's the Brighton marathon tomorrow in a Bunny suit !!


Is that a Playboy bunny ?

It was either my thighs or my helmet ;-)


No mate, A full heavy, sweaty costume!  


Not sure about flying but your're sure gonna have to cycle hard. You'll do it.


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65.44 short of 15k go ahead someone make my day in the voice of Clint Eastwood


When/where is your fund raising event in Daventry as we would like to come and support it

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Hello Saturday 21st May opposite Waitrose as you walk through to Boots the Chemist.

We usually get there early and get set up for around 8.30 - 9.00am.

See you there best wishes



Hi julian, 

don't know if you got my I.M. about us helping in the morning on 21st and the offer of a stall at the food & Craft fayre in Preston capes on 22nd. We're happy to pay for the stall if you want to come and raise funds. Let us know and we can swap contact details etc. 


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