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Happy New Year and Warts

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for 2015.

I should of asked this before

I have warts on peter pointer and tom thumb with a few smaller ones on a couple of fingers .

I have tried gaffer tape had the Cryro therapy at the health centre and the Hospital all to know avail.

The Dr at the hospital said it was due to the CLL and what ever I did they would come back.

Are Warts common with CLL ? is there anyway to get rid of them does anyone know, will try old wives tails if necessary

The one right on the end of my finger keeps splitting and I catch it on things quite a bit and can be quite painful.

Also my ALC is at 80, am I reading it right at that or does 80 mean eighty thousand would just like to clarify this.

happy new year


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Hi Julian

My hands & feet are covered in warts.

Hands are treated by Dermo who uses cryo on them monthly, did try a drug called Acitretin but had to have a fasting blood test & the drug didn't work on me then it was affecting my liver so cannot use that now.

Feet are treated weekly/fortnightly when they can give me an appointment & they cut away the skin which is very painful & to walk on :(

Problem is I also have Crohn's disease & am taking Azathioprine am immunosuppressant & that doesn't help my immune system :(


I have cut them of in the past one out of five grow

Back.I'm sort of a cave man don't like seeing the doctor, sure thats no help with important issues.

The people who run this site seem to be just Intelligent

Or more than any doctor or who ever I speak with on my visits. Thank Neil,Chris,newdawan,the doc Brian,and Andrew,so many others involved in bringing this great site your all very important to those who Post or just read.God bless you everyone ,I Beg he brings us a great New year ,and closer to a cure.


Hi Julian,

The units for ALC vary by country. In most of the world a healthy ALC range is between approximately 0.85 and 4.1 or in the USA between 850 and 4,100. So your ALC would be 80 in most places or 80,000 in the USA.

Sadly, I'd say the doctor is right about your warts. I've got warts that flare up when my neutrophils are particularly low, but that may reflect a lower overall immunity. Do you know what your ANC and your Ig levels are?

I'd be wary about treatments that break the skin layer if your immunity is particularly low; you don't want a skin infection. I've had some troublesome plantar warts that have been painful at times and I've been able to manage them by just abrading down the hardened skin. Obviously that can only work for warts in some locations :) .


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Hi Julian,

I don't have an answer for your warts question, but I certainly have the warts. Mine are on my right hand middle and ring fingers and like your have not responded to either salicylic acid or cryotherapy (have not tried duct tape). My doctor said they will probably eventually go away but that they will take longer to heal because of my weakened immune system (CLL basically). This question was raised on UKCLL forum as well so there are a few of us with both CLL and warts.

A happy new year to everyone and let's hope for a brighter 2015.

Kevin - Essex, UK


I have exactly the same problem - as they split they become very painful. So ideas on how to cure - or even just manage - this problem would be most helpful.


Hi All

I have CLL and use Ibrutinib. I use Haelan tape for dry skin on my fingers that has split. I think it has a steroid in it. I also have a wart on my thumb, that has grown only recently.


Hi there. Yes I've had problems with warts since my diagnosis. They are mainly the annoying skin tag variety and they're on my scalp as well as body. I assumed it is the CLL. Must be our weakened immune systems?


Does anyone know if the various strains of Human Papillomavirus, HPV, live in us for our lifetime like the herpes and others viruses, or is each outbreak of warts a new infection... perhaps months or a year or so previous, due to the long emergence time...



Hi Julian

I was dx in Feb 2012 and soon after developed unsightly warts on my fingers and feet. I tried Ductape, also a number of other old country remedy's to no avail. I was advised by my GP they would disappear eventually - they didn't, so went to see a chiropodist last month. He advised freezing, saying they would blister before coming off. It was quite a painful procedure, and so were the subsequent blisters which were very sore. The blisters have now come off my fingers and have left some red patches, which I hope will disappear with time. However the blisters remain on my feet, but look as though they are ready to come off anytime soon (unwarty fingers crossed!)

The Chiropodist did advise going back to have them checked, which I will do soon.

Happy New Year



Yes, warts are really annoying, even when you feel well warts remind you that the CLL is still lurking around the corner. The warts on my hands have reappeared after my second x6 months of FCR and before that I had them nearly 50 years ago as a girl in primary school. Someone told me putting the inside of the leaves of the Aloe vera plant works for warts and cold sores.


My hands have recently become covered in what looks like pomphlyx. Itchy, sore and ugly. Going to call doctor today. Can this also be because of poor immune?


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