The power of exercise

The power of exercise

Not really sure on that but hey I just had a in between Blood test usually on 6 months.

You may know I am fundraing for CLLSA :) a certain bike ride and have been training hard and tired quite a bit well I got the results today .

My WBC is now 63.1 ALC 57.76 3 months ago it was WBC 92 ALC 88

So I am quite pleased but will only be over the moon when I hear from my good friend Aussie Neil.

In the past 6 years that is the time I have been on watch and wait it has fluctuated by small amounts and steadily increased so to drop nearly a 1/3rd or there abouts is good news in my book.

So what do I put this down to maybe the exercise perhaps we should all take up Cycling and a vigorous training program but obviously please consult you Dr first.

If you don't fancy that then you could perhaps sponsor me on my Big Bike ride:)

Best wishes to all


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  • Fly like the wind. Flyer

  • Great news Julian, on that 1/3 drop in your ALC; it's good that you've had some personal benefit from your preparations for your fund raising bike ride next month.

    Hopefully this post may encourage some more members to support your ride and thereby support the good work the CLL Support Association does for all of us - either directly for UK residents, or indirectly through providing patient relevant information on the excellent CLL research being undertaken in the UK via posts to this community and the CLL Support Association website: Many thanks to the 38 donors - many whom I recognise from our community, that have already raised nearly 700 pounds for the CLLSA!

    It's a pity we can't transplant the benefits of exercise - you have to be able to do it yourself. I suspect, but can't prove that regular exercising by bicycle commuting helped me keep my CLL at bay for a few years. I've actually just come back from a 10km morning bike ride, which was great on the way out, but I didn't enjoy the headwind on the way home... :(

    Best wishes for your ride and may clear skies and tail winds keep you company.


    PS Can you keep us informed of how you are going via replies to this post rather than adding new posts? We can edit the title to something more appropriate. Thanks!

  • "you can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bike.....and that's pretty close". 😎

  • Just sold my bike. It was fun going downhill and good on the flat - but uphill was getting a bit too much. Am sticking with the static gym bike from now on!

  • A friend has bought one of these new electric bikes, which solves the problem - if you can afford one! I'm not quite there yet...

  • Hi Flyer.

    It's great to here that drop in WBC Jules. You must be training really well.

    You may recall the 8 day event I did last Sept. Leading up to it my WBC had started rising and had reached about 30. After the event it had dropped to 28. Last week it was 60, and hence the reason they want me to start treatment (doubling in 6 months my Dr said was the marker they were watching). So it certainly had an effect on my levels.

    Unfortunately, I needed 2 months to recover and haven't even now got back to regular training.

    So, there may be something in this exercise stuff!

    Keep up the good work mate.


  • Hi Flyer,

    I'm cll on w&w and your post caught my eye because I am precisely at the point in which I'm wondering if excercise is the reason for my improvement in symptoms; it seems like the more I move and the more I sweat, the better I feel!

    We've been checking my numbers every month because it seemed like I was getting closer to treatment but I've been feeling so well I might skip this month and even next?? lol!

    We'll see but glad to know others CLL'rs are experiencing similar benefits.

  • Wow! Congratulations, what a wonderful feelin that must be. I think I'm going to give this a try:-)

  • Perhaps there is something we can do to help ourselves I just love what Mijoed says

    "you can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bike.....and that's pretty close".

    Amen to that. - so this weekend has been superb with the weather and I am Cycling having fun but no - why i 've got the Trots

    Jules Flying elsewhere this weekend :(

  • The second paragraph in the blog of the late Terry Hamblin mentions the effects of exercise on CLL.


    Personally speaking, as someone who's been on W&W for the past 7 years, I've been seeing a Personal Trainer twice a week for at least 3 years and am fitter, stronger and healthier now than at any other point in my life. I can highly recommend it to all. It makes your energy levels go through the roof and you can bounce through the day!!!

  • Hi Curious12,

    Thanks for the link to the late Terry Hamblin's blog.


    I just read the whole page (not just the second paragraph) and it was well worth reading - including all the comments that followed.

    best wishes,


    P.S. In one of the followup comments on his blog, Dr Hamblin corrects his original post and says it was long distance walking not running that had seen such good results in one of his patients. I found that very reassuring, as many of us have other health issues that rule out much running.

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