My visit to the lipid clinic

I went last Thursday to get the results of a blood test and the doctor confirmed that I do have Type 111 hyperlipidaemia. so he changed my medication form Bezalip mon which I have been on for years and relaced it with Fenofibrate and soluble aspirin (both once daily). My cholesterol figer has reduced fro 6.00 to 5.6 so that's a start. One thing I am trying to find out is this. Is Type 111 the same as FH?

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  • So do I have dysbetalipoproteinaemia?

  • Thank you Traci

  • It's not surprising that HEART UK is focused on FH. Part of it used to be the FH association, after all! Doesn't the BHF cover non FH heart problems pretty well?

  • Do they? I'm a volunteer with them so I'll ask a few questions.

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