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lipid clinic

Hi everyone i'm new to this site. I had an appointment last Friday at the lipid clinic, I thought i had done the right thing in starting to take my cholesterol tablet again. At my appointment i saw a young Doc who has to report to the main man for instruction. He was testing al my muscles for pain as I have some very tender one and suffer with cramps. He came back from talking to the consultant and told me to stop taking the cholesterol tablet. Also he is going to take my notes before a group of Doctors and see if they agree to me having a muscle biopsy. I was wondering what this is for and what will it show. I should have asked. Any idea people.


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Hi Chris

My father was recently asked to increase his dose of simvastatin from 20mg to 80mg. We were told report any symptoms of muscle pain especially in the upper arms and thighs and stop taking the simvastatin as in rare cases it can cause muscle breakdown within the first 3 months of taking this concentration and thus affect the kidneys as they cannot get rid of the components of the muscle breakdown.

I don’t know if this is applicable to you.

Best wishes



Hi Chris, I was on simvastatin for a short time. I actually got on it by change, see my post, as I had other issues entirely. I had already a bad leg and the simvastatin made my leg muscles a lot worse. I did not realise it because because of the other issue and just thought I went through a bad patch with that. It came to light as I took grapefruit ( see my post ) and went through hell. I came of the simvastatin and the strength etc has come back. Reading the leaflet it does say it can cause muscle weakness and worse and if that happens to tell your dr. Statins are evil and I will not take them again unless I have a really high cholesterol. To top it all I had a 3D heart scan and my arteries are 100% clear of any buildup thus showing that this drug is definitely a complete waste where I am concerned.

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Hi Emma, I am glad to hear that you do well without statins.

Like many of us having problems with cholesterol I am on atorvastatin too.I try to take 10 mg,whereas I am advised to take 80mg by my consultants and GPS.

My experince with statins like a roller costed experince I come off them when I feel better and read negative publications about them and come back on when I see my consultant or my gp when they remind me that I am at risk with a second heart attack.

This sort of experince doesn't help my sprit to fight CVD.

I wonder what other fellow heart patiences feel and do about it and whether there is a real natural way to fight cholesterol without taking these statins.Thanks.

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You are very lucky the doctor who saw you is showing good care(may be want to learn more) and want to do further investigation. Go for it, write down all the questions and answers.

This may be for learning but many doctors will discuss your medication and results. I have been with doctors in hospital looking after a relative, when they discuss medical condition.

If they suggest further investigation find time and go for it.

Good luck.


Oh that was very interesting. I have a cholesterol read of 9.? I stopped taking Novastatin 2yrs ago to shut my husband up, my GP sent me there as i wouldnt go back on them. My cholesterol is genetic not from diet i was told that at the beginning. I have other medical problems and just thought the pain was to do with them. I never refuse investigation into any thing thatI suffer with it might help with the pain. Thank you all for your replies . XX



Please keep us updated on your new investigation.


You need to be taking coQ10 to help with the muscles pains as this is depleted on statins


They want to determine if the statin is causing a breakdown in your muscles, one of the most common side-effects of statin drugs.

You can lower your cholesterol levels naturally through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Read my post here:


You can in the meantime take a 1,000 mg dose of Vitamin C with each meal. Vitamin C has been proven to reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Read here:


This study only looked at a 500 mg dose.

Nobel Laureate, the late Linus Pauling, had done extensive research in this field. He ingested 18,000 mg of Vitamin C per day.

Vitamin C is not toxic even in large doses, the worst that will happen is diarrhea when your body reaches its bowel tolerance. Generally most people can tolerate 5,000 mg daily as long as it is spread out throughout the day.

Read more about Vitamin C here:


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There was an interesting post, with a lot of information for others to learn, one comment and the post disappeared.

"We need to understand why post get deleted by the post after response?"


The author of the post did not like the advice she received. Some people in life are content to be 'victims' and not take responsibility for their behaviour.


sos007 , Just to let you know i have not replied to your post as i have only just seen it. I also have Crohns as it happens i'm going for a colonoscapy at the end of this week. Will ask his advise on the vit c I already take Vit d 2000.



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