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Well, following my disappointing appointment at the lipid clinic last month I have received a letter today from my usual consultant who is not happy with my latest blood results which shows my total cholesterol level has crept up to 7.2 and he wants to see me himself on 22nd August. First time I have been pleased my levels have gone up and don't have to wait the year to be seen again that the other consultant advised. They also have my Lp(a) result - 25 mg/dL which means nothing to me of course but my consultant says 50mg/dL is the minimum level that they would be concerned about so I am well away from that. Will need to do some more research on the internet about Lp(a) levels unless one of you well informed people out there can advise me. My cholesterol has gone up to 7.2 because I had been messing about with my statins which if the other consultant had bothered to listen to what I was saying he would have known. The down side now is that my consultant will now once again try to add in (probably ezetimibe) even more drugs to my ever reluctant self!

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Ask him why you felt the need to fiddle around with your medication so much! Have you asked him for a breakdown of your figures? My GP although impressed that my "good" choleresterol was almost the same figure as my "bad" choleresterol she still wanted the "total" figure to come down! (I was a 7.0 three months ago) I have not followed her diet and weight loss advice because I was concerned that although I am within parameters with weight and my diet is already under control due to intolerances only recently found out about (and She didn't seem all that interested in THAT) the fact that any intereference with my diet, etc could affect the "good" cholerestol figures. Who's to say that any change would not reduce my "good" cholesterol whilst concentrating on gettting the"bad" cholersterol figures down. I have never felt better, and therefore am leaving well alone. My blood pressure in on the low side, my weight is good 24 BMI, I exercise regularly and eat healthily. What more do they want? How long have you been on statins? Do you have a history of cholesterol related problems in the family? I will never take statins. I have read copious amounts of literature about them and I have weighed up the pros and cons and for ME, a woman, and therefore, according to those pamphlets I have read, statins are not really for women (I would like to know why, they don't seem to go into the detail much) I have decided to leave well alone and lead as much of a natural life as I can.

Hope all goes well at your appointment and that the Consultant answers all your questions. Write them down before you go so you don't forget any. All the best


I've never had my Lp(a) tested either. I think Dr Kendrick makes a comment that this is typical as it might be the only thing that's important! However, we all know what side of the fence he is on.

I think somebody else asked about this and I posted this link

You may have found it already doing your research.


Back to the lipid clinic today. Told the consultant I wanted a break from statins to see if all my aches and pains settle down. He persuaded me not to stop altogether but I am to try rosuvastatin 10mg for a few months to see if this makes a difference. Previously tried this one at 40mg and suffered horrible tingling and buzzing feeling through my body which resulted in me being referred to neurology (nothing found) which settled after I changed statins.


You may be OK on a lower dose though. Unfortunately, it probably won't be as efficient at bringing your levels down....but you never know.

Have you been for your scan yet?


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