How did you get referred to a lipid clinic?

I'm breaking in a new GP ;-) and he definitely won't refer before my notes arrive from the last GP and I feel like he's going to be reluctant even then. The last GP never referred me - I was referred when I saw a locum after 5 years of increasing problems while taking Atorvastatin. So, how did you get referred to a lipid clinic?


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  • I'd read the articles of dr. beatrice golomb and then hand them or one of them over to your gp and refer to those problems you'll find in the articles you're yourself suffering of and ask him to please read. you should be able to get a referral then.

    I just left the articles at the office of my gp with the wish to read. another time I had a consult he told me I did a good job with my research and finding out what's wrong with me. :)

    you might highlight the parts especially referring to your problems and ask him to read the summary and the parts you highlighted. guess he'll by himself chose to read the rest b/c he'll get interested into the subject. if he does not, well... you better might shop once again along the offices of gp's - as pityful as it would be.

    good luck!

  • I got referred by accident really. After 6 months of seeing the GP I asked if I could be referred for genetic testing as she had mentioned the possibilty of an inherited condition.

    I actually thought I was being referred to a genetic clinic , I was totally ignorant of all things lipid in those days. I don't think she would have bothered if I hadn't asked.

    My statin sceptic GP tells me that most people don't go to a lipid clinic, not sure if he thought that was a good or a bad thing! Good luck, shouldn't everybody with FH be seen at a lipid clinic?

  • Probably but I think it's only vital if there's some complication, like my history of young ancestral deaths and statin intolerance. I suspect if they refered everybody with FH, we'd just see a lot more Did Not Attend results at clinics which isn't really good for anyone. Maybe it should just be offered? Anyway, see the link below for the latest installment in my personal saga...

  • I was referred by the cardioligist who fitted the stent when I had a heart attack. GP surgery had just been increasing and changing meds for years. They are not happy that I go to this consultant and keep trying to change my prescribed drugs for cheaper ones. One more incident and I am changing GP.

  • Hope you're doing well. I changed GP :-(

  • I find that one has to train GPs gently. I have always taken the stand that it is my body, my life and FH is my condition. By joining HEART UK and and receiving their newsletters and attending their conferences and generally getting as involved as I can, I feel I know more about FH than my GP does. A consultant knows more than me so, if I need information that is pertinent to me and HEART UK cannot help, I ask to see a lipidologist.

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