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The one minute cure. the secret to healing virtually all diseases by Madison Cavanaugh.

I have refused any prescribed medication over many

years, after lots of prescriptions for non steroid anti inflamitory tablets and 3 cortisone injections every 12 weeks ruined my health. Until i was guided to the book, The One Minute cure, this is the Must book to read. Personally in the last few weeks, following the information in this book i have regained my balance, do not now have dizzy spells, the arthritic swelling in my toes has gone, numbness in my feet has gone, a growth on my tongue that doc thought might be cancerous, and booked me a hospital appointment has gone, severe swelling of elbow almost gone after 3 days treating,

and another important feature, i do not now have to get up during the night 3 - 4 times for toilet. My wife who has lots of allergies Penecillen Septrin etc, and is a great beleaver in prescriptions, came home from work last week unable to speak, she had a severe sore throat, and made an immediate visit to the doctor, and was duly given a prescription. I persuaded her to gargle as advised in the book, which she did, and next morning her sore throat had gone. Although we had the prescribed tablets they were not used, and will be returned. I have found the cheapest supplier of the book


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Until the gold standard of double blind clinical trials has confirmed the effectiveness of therapies such as these, the positive effects described here and elsewhere on the web will always be anecdotal.

However, you pays your money and you takes your choice:

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I don't need gold standard double blind cliinical trials, probably financed by drugs manufacturers to tell me that my feeling so healthy now , is only a figment of my imagination. I have never been cured by any perscription for arthritis, i have only gained extra side effects. Let's not be brainwashed by the pill pushers who gain finantially from the manufacture of these drugs, and embrace oxygen, can't live without it, but as you say you pays your money and you takes your choice.


I very much don't get brainwashed by big pharma, as anyone who regularly reads what I post and comment on on this site. You may feel better, but your evidence, I repeat, is anecdotal and there are a lot of negative opposing views out there.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating - isn't that the saying? I too have arthritis and don't want to go down the Ibruprofen route taken on a daily basis just to get up in the morning and will be getting this book ASAP - I do know that there is advice about removing all nightshade foods from your diet, namely, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, chillis, aubergines, etc and also dairy. As I have already done the dairy thing due to intolerances and have found great relief I am inclined to do other things in an alternative way to keep my health on track. I do supplement my diet with mineral and vitamin replacements, especially calcium with Vit D, as I need it due to the lack of dairy - my oat milk has it added - I look forward to reading and learning from this book - thank you for letting me know about it! :)


Extensive research over 4 years due to prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetic T2, blocked gallbladder has not changed my mind about the priority of retaining an immune system! It aint easy but diet, lifestyle is where the cure lies. Also very important to drink chemical free water (2 litres if poss) every day. Water is your internal TNT delivery service: apparently if the body does not get this amount regularly, our internal computer system prioritises supply. Parts of the body derived of water over long periods do not get oxygen, result is cancer etc. Vitamin D3 supplement at 5000iu daily has prevented my Pca spreading. Suggest you check the small print re Goats milk to make sure it is Vit D3. (reason for reply, almost forgot!) Vitamin D2 is synthetic, produced with profits in mind not our health!


Hi JP8042. in my recent corraspondance i have mentioned two books, and believe me they have and still are making a huge differance to my lifestyle, (The One Minute Cure) provides Oxygen to the blood, and as you probably know, viruses cannot survive in oxygen rich blood. and cancer cells are also eliminated by a boost of oxygen to the blood, there are three diferent ways to apply this, and i am exprimenting with the three different methods. the first metod i tried, was drinking, using distilled water as the dilutant, gradually increasing the dose over about 23 days up to the maximum dose. then gradually reducing the dose for the next 23 days until you returned to the maintinance dose to be continued daily.

A warning at this point as you get to the higher doses, it tasted awful, like bleach, however i stuck with it and reched the maximum dose, then reduced the dose daily until i got down to three quqters of the dose. At this point i realised i was not using distilled water, instead i had mistakingly been using De ironized water, so i stopped my experiment until i sourced some distilled water. I ended up making my own distilled water.

But he'y the results of my experiment were unbelievable, All inflamation gone as i reported earlier, my colon completly cleaned out, and many other little things, so anyway i decided to go on to the next and very easy method of using an inhaler, or atomizer, this works very well and i am still expermenting and having 5 puff's twice, three times a day, the third method i am also trying out, i stated in my first letter i was treating a very swollen and really painfull elbow, by spraying directly onto the skin, i am pleased to say this has worked and my elbow is now normal.

Now lets not forget the other book, (Arthritis and common sense) Let's explain how it works, first the cod liver oil mixture must be taken on an empty stomach, the mixture is then absorbed into the blood stream, producing vitamin D2 which produces synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints, and does a host of good things for the skin the hair the nails, etc.


It tasted like bleach because it is bleach! Hydrogen peroxide is not recommended for internal use, it makes a good mouth wash and can be used on the skin. You are potentially damaging your insides.

This will not be delivering oxygen to your insides, oxygen goes into your blood stream via your lungs, not via your stomach.

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Hi Penal, it is obvious you know very little about Hydrogen Peroxide, (H2O2) let me enlighten you, Food grade peroxide is normally purchaced at 35% strength, bearing in mind that at 90% it is used as rocket fuel because of its oxygen content.

However when 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is diluted, by adding a minimum of 3 drops in 220ml of distilled water using an eye dropper, then it is safe to drink, This is taken at least 3 hours after eating on an empty stomach. at this point the oxygen in the peroxide, is absorbed into the blood oxygenating the blood, and killing off nasties throughout the body, the dose is gradually increased by 1 drop daily 3 times a day, until a maximum of 23 drops three times daily, then gadually decreased daily by 1 drop until the maintinance dose of 3 drops three times a day. The method i am uing now is the inhallation method, uing an atomizer, and a 3% dilution of Food grade hydrogen peroxide.

What is food grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxid is basicly a molicule consisting of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in equal proportions, at higher strengths it is higly volatile (rocket fuel)

but diluted properly it is safe to use, it can be used as a bleach, but this peroxide has other aditives, and not classed as food grade.

But please do not start using this, until you have read the book The One minute Cure, And please do not rubbish a procedure that can give millions of people a cure without drug side effects, this includes curing cancers and aids apparantly. another booklet to read is, Hydrogen Peroxide Miracle healers from the kitchen by Sharon Daniels. Please read the books before condemning. Remember we can't live without oxygen, and most nasty viruses cannot surve in an oxygen rich environment.

Warning taking peroxide is not suitable for anyone who has had an organ transplant,


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I'm glad you stopped taking the NSAIDs, they can damage your insides, I hope you have no side effects from the HP.


Hi Penel. The important thing about taking the HP is that there are no side effects, as it is only oxygen, being absorbed.

Yesterday i picked up a hospital prescribed prescription.for my wife. Reading the information leaflet we discovered that the medication (tablets) had 45 known side effects, including suicidal thoughts, and considering that lots of side effects are just brushed off by the doctors, how many more have not been recognised.

My wife who has been using me as a guinea pig, to see if there has been any adverse effect on my health!! . Well i am pleased to say, she is delighted with my results, and the improvement to my health. My wifes sister who is using inhalers and a nebuliser as well as lots of other prescribed drugs and she has to inhale extra oxygen, has started inhaling the 3% HP and has had favourable results, stating that for the first time , she is coughing up phlem from her lungs, and is now increasing her daily dose. My wife has decided not to take her prescribed medecine (sensible) and is going to give HP a trial, with the knowledge that it has not done any damage to me, my son, or her sister.I will keep on being a guinea pig, and will report monthly, on my condition. PS, I have a summer house in Sweden and sometimes spend as much as six months of the year in Sweden, and i am also keeping my swedish, American and Mexican friends informed of my experiments with HP.



You sound very knowledgeable about this so I would like to ask you a question... I read that you have to be very careful about some vitamins. Like it says that you should not take vitamin C when ingesting hp is this true and is there other vitamins that should not be taken. I want to order some supplements but I am not sure what to order. If you can please give me a list of supplements that would be safe and are needed when taking HP. Thank you so very much:)


Hi evone.

when ingesting HP it is important to wait 3 hours before eating any food or supplements,as the HP reacts with food or supplements in the stomache, however, if you use the inhalation method, using 3% HP there would be no problem. I urge you to read the complete book before using HP and all your questions will be answered.

there is a link to the book. google the one minute cure pdf

Please note, i am not an expert. i'm taking it one step at a time.


I agree vitamin D3 has done wonders for my family especially my 6 year old grandson who had skin problems and used to itch his self to bleeding every night as he had so many allergies his IgE levels were at 15000 but since he has been on D3 his skin has cleared and a lot of his allergies have gone. You have to realise 80% of the population are vitamin D deficient.

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Please do Google "Madison Cavanaugh" first, have a look at the comments before buying this book.

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Hi patch 14. Regarding arthritis. To clear things up, here is my story. as i said in my post, i was having all these cortizone injections, and they were not curing me, neither were the tablets, and as i had arthritis throughout my body, i could not work, and was claiming invalidity benefit. Then one day i was summoned by the NHS for an examination, to prove i was incapable of work. After the examination the doctor who had being treating me with attitude, changed his demeaner and became a friendly person. Then he stated that the steroid injections and the tablets i was taking would not cure me, and that with the severity of the arthritis, i would very shortly be in a wheelcair, for the rest of my life. This was shocking news for me and i was more or less in a panic, where do i go from here? Well!! although i am not religious, a few weeks earlier although at the time i did not know it i had met three angels at the local swimming baths, in the form of three old ladies, who were teaching me to swim, at that time i could only float on my back, and these ladies took me under their wings and were teaching me the breast stroke, Previously my darling wife had attempted to teach me the breast stroke, without success, her method was to walk backwards in front of me doing the arm movements and saying quite loudly, i must i must i must improve my bust, this was hillarious, and i nearly drowned laughing.

Well to continue, i had told these ladies i had to go for my examination, and afterwards a few days later when i returned to the baths, they were eager to hear the results, and were shocked to hear what the doctor had said. then one of these ladies said, Have you read a book called Arthritis and common sense by Dan Dale Alexander, i said no i had not, but that i would read the book.

On leaving the baths i went strait to the local library and and got the book. i read the book, and did everything the book advised, and i was cleared of arthritis after six months, exactly as the book said i would be. strange i never saw my three angels again. makes you wonder.

About the book, it avises taking cod liver oil 1 tablespoon in 2 tablespoons of full cream homogenised milk emulsified by vigorously shaking the mixture in a small screw topped jar (baby food jar ) 3 hours after food, and not drinking liquid for 3 hours afterwards.

A warning about taking cod liver oil, consult your doctor, do not take if you are pregnant, or breast feeding.

I have tried many types of cod liver oil and for this method i would recomend only Carlsons Norweigan cod liver oil (Amazon) which is extrmely well filtered, and has all or most of the nasties removed. although it costs me £45 inc postage, i still take it occasionally. I hope this is of help to you i do advise you to purchase this book. and do a google search as i belive the authers family have continued his research and an updated version may exist.


Hi Patch

Trying an elimination diet can be a good idea if you feel some food may be a problem. I had an oral allergy reaction (a histamine type reaction) to uncooked peppers and tomatoes, but am fine with them cooked. My long term arthritic pains turned out to be caused by gluten in wheat, rye, and barley, also found in a lot of processed foods.

Good luck with keeping off the painkillers.


Yes it can be used in the ear, when i was young my mother used to use a properly diluted mixture of Hydrgen peroxid in my ears to clean out my ears, i could feel it fizzing in my ear. But be warned never put undiluted Peroxide any where near your body, and never drink it. undiluted it would react like an acid on your skin.



Have done so as said above, and agree that there are concerns. I will steer clear of quick fixes! Journey on! :)

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Hello thirtyniner, I already take fish oils, although not Cod Liver Oil, concerned about sources, however, I do agree that what you take in helps or hinders your body. I also take glucosamine with chondroitine, (however it is spelt!), the Omega 3, a multivitamin with iron, a probiotic, and dandelion tablets to help with fluid retention around the joints. I am much more flexible and if I do run out of my glucosamine I find myself stiffening up! Without these to help and my diet I think that I would not be as capable as I am. I will look into the other book you mention. I may read all these books but it doesn't mean I accept everything they say! :)


Medicine man, Morden medicine man!

It appears poor people do not have any health problem, this because of the food that they can afford to buy, a grain of truth in this. My grand parents from bot my mother's side and my father's side, I cannot remember them going to hospital. They probably only had one good meal a day.


Fructose raises uric acid levels, contributing to arthritis.

Controlling carbohydrate intake, particularly by minimising fructose, will help.

Resistance exercise may also be of benefit by building muscle to stabilise joints.


I have hesitated about posting any more on this, as you are obviously happy with what you are doing, but your comment on there being no side effects as it is "only oxygen" is worrying. Too much oxygen is damaging for us.

Most of the oxygen in our blood is carried in red blood cells, only about 2% is dissolved and carried in blood plasma, as oxygen does not dissolve easily. If you are attempting to introduce more oxygen to your blood from HP, there may be a possible danger of this entering the blood stream as bubbles. This could potentially cause an embolism.

HP appears to play a part in producing as well as destroying cancer. I

urge you to proceed with caution and research around the subject.


Hi Penel,

I am well aware of the dangers , but i only take minute ammounts, via a scent bottle type atomiser, 2 tsps, would easily last me a week, and the benefits have been amazing, plus my energy levels have vastly improved.



Have you considered it might be a placebo effect? Have you not changed anything else? Like a drug, do you have to increase the dose to maintain the effect?

I think I'll pass thank you; this wasn't a necessity for our species' evolution.


hi concerned,

This method of treatment, has been around for a long long time, and has successfully treated many conditions. I have refused to take any prescribed drugs for a number of years. One example, 2 years ago having never had toothache, i was on holiday in Sweden when i developed toothache, in a tooth that had a crown, the crown was fitted due to me breaking off some of the tooth when eating Bombay mix, and biting on a pebble,

Well the pain from the toothache was severe, and consequently i made an appointment with the local dentist, for the next day. In the meantime i gargled

with salt water, thinking that it might be inflamation around the tooth, as i had never had any signs of tooth decay.

The next morning i felt that the pain was receding, and cancelled my dental appointment.

over the next few days with continued gargling with salt water, the tooth recovered.

When visiting my own dentist 3 monts later i never mentioned this eppisode, nor did i tell him that my tooth had been loose ever since, and that occasionally i had to gargle to get rid of some of the inflamation, which must have been down to the root, as it hurt and wobbled when i pressed on it.

The point is this, shortly after taking the Hydrogen Peroxide, diluted in 220ml of distilled water, as recommended in the book, gradually increasing the dose daily, until the maximum dose was reached, then reducing dose daily until reaching the maintinance dose, long before i had reached the max dose, all inflamation dissapeared from my tooth, no more wobbling, i can now press on it, without any pain. this is not a placibo effect, i refuse all medication, i will not take any headache tablets or any other remedies, except for Carlsons cod liver oil, of which i had not taken any for at least three months previously.. i now use atomiser as an alternative to scourcing Distilled water.


The One-Minute Cure - Freedom School

this is a link to the book. Google it, and read this book, I am now into my eigth month taking h2 o2 and have had no bad reactions, I am at present at my summer house in Sweden, and had a friend of mine for dinner, this friend is a Heart consultant, he is very interested in h2 o2 therapy and has promised to download the book and comment on his findings. I have offerered to be his "Test subject" and am willing to have expermental therapy, if this helps the cause for better health for all.

I have had to stop taking Hydrogen peroxid while i am in sweden, unfortunately i can not get it in the food gade that i reguire, and i am not allowed to bring it into the country with me. any sugestions.


Great news, i have managed to order my H2o2 from England, i am at this moment waiting for delivery, i am tracking my order and it arrived in stockholm at 4.30am this morning.

The other morning i was invited for coffee to a dear old friends house, and met her brother who unfortunately has stomach cancer, the doctors have done every thing they can for him, and he is just waiting to die, although he only speaks a little english, he made it clear to me that he wants to try taking Hydrogen Peroxide, as he has nothing to lose. i am insisting that he reads the book, and that the decision is his, i will not try to persuade him, but if he decides to take it. I will offer my support.


Well tell us what u did so we can try it too.


Hi Skip. 2134

Unfortunately before this gentleman could begin the treatment, (which can be downloaded by Googling.) "The one minute cure - freedom school." He took a bad turn and was admitted to hospital, and given kemo- therapy. However his sister and her husband who is 85years of age are both trying the H2O2. one trying the inhalation method and the old gentleman is taking the liquid form, today he is on 15 drops 3 times daily, and although they are not reporting any great changes yet, the gentleman has found he is sleeping in, as he normally gets up at 5am, the other morning he slept until 8am.

I have passed the link on to another lady who has cancer, and has refused treatment from the local hospital , and has decided to treat herself, she has a doctorate and lectures in the local colledge, and is quite an intelligent lady, from what i can gather she is trying some kind of oxygen therapy.

I admire her because she has confidence in her belief that ther are other ways , rather than the chemicale rout, to good health. i wish her well and hope she recovers.

My consultant friend has just had a wedding to contend with, and has been very busy, so thats for in the future.


I bet it will not help a person with hiv or aids


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