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Lipitor side effect symptoms

I am now 68 years old  and had been on Crestor and Lipofen  for several years. Didn't equate side effects (Symptoms) with using it.  First periodically I would experience mild swelling of my hands and weakness in my arms and legs. Cramps in my calves.  No equation to the drugs at this time.  5 years ago I tore my Achilles tendon in my right ankle. Still no equation.  I continued to have mild effects, swelling of my hands general weakness  and leg cramps.  Lipofen was found to be the cause of the leg cramps. (Liponfen was stopped and cramps subsided at least 1 year now).  My prescription plan changed and Crestor was not covered.  My GP placed me on Lipitor (Atorvastain).  within several weeks as many as 17 symptoms of side effects occurred (This has been almost 1 year now).  My GP didn't agree with my diagnosis as it being the new drug. I continued to take it and symptoms worsened including tearing my left bicep tendon.  I stopped   taking Lipitor and 8 weeks ago and the symptoms appear to be improving. My hands are still at times swollen like catchers mit's and the pain is at times unbearable.  Has anyone else experienced symptoms as severe as I have and what has been done to reverse them.   

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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  This has been a real struggle for quite some time now.  Six different doctors including neck surgery Disc removed C5-C6 with titanium plate and pins installed. ( I do believe that this was necessary I had 4 herniated discs in my neck and 3 in my lower back). Now I am seeing a hand specialist and going to occupational hand therapy still with no answer for my issues.  


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Staying on a restricted diet isn't easy, but I sure that you are aware of that kind o f struggle. I try with my wife's help to eat healthy.  My concern has been with what has been happening with me and that several doctors are passing my symptoms off as inconsequential.   Each has passed ME OFF  with out thoroughly investigating my complaints. Specially my GP.  He just wants to prescribe another drug to counteract the ones that I'm on.  Stopping the Lipitor has so far resulted in less swelling of my hands (which have been useless and sometimes in extreme pain since I have been taking that drug).  I now can at least perform some daily functions in less pain.  for weeks I could not sleep laying down in bed.  I would continue to wake up throughout the night with such pain in my hands and arms I had to sit up in my chair to get any sleep at all.

Thanks for your concern


Haven't seen but I have gone to Diabetes Nutrition Basics. Complex Carbs low sugar etc. I am testing levels approx. 4-5 times a day and they are stabilizing. I was on Atkins for several years and it worked well for me until I was forced off of it several years ago the 45 lbs I took off are now back with a vengeance.

While on that diet I Never felt better in my older life

I'll give a look see  

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Also note that I have a Wheat and Shell Fish allergy.  Sorta makes dieting real tough.  A true Wheat allergy not a Gluten Celiac issue.  Eating Wheat Products Brings on anaphylactic shock.  Been hospitalized 3 times for this.

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Some say Rostuvastatin is better than Atorvastatin....the doctors don't know exactly.


I had a major problem with Lipitor, some years ago.I and my Dr filled in a yellow card.I only took for a month.I felt sucidel very depressed and could not stop crying.The chemist who I knew,would not let me have my 2nd prescription.He saw I was not myself.I did not think the pills could cause any problems,so blamed myself,NOT THE PILLS.

I have just been given Crestor,5mg.I have had awful problems.So stopped them.I felt very sick,full of flu like symptons,then a rash on my arm in varying sizes,in 4 circles.In fact felt so ill life felt like life was a waste of time with all the problems.

I do not think any magic pill agrees with me.The consultant said I have a intolerance for statins,but MUST TRY HARDER.After trying so many pills,I really wonder who has shares in these drug companys. Who really benefits?

The best advise I have been given,is I have the right to decide for myself.

I am on Lipantil,THIS MUST BE TAKEN IN THE MORNING,or I have massive nightmares.This is a rare problem,SO IS NOT LISTED ON THE also does not appear anywhere if you google this.The consultant explained why this was happening,my DR,did not even know of this problem,I conclude that a DR is not always up to-date,

I think the Lipantil is still giving me some side effects,but hope warmer weather may prove me wrong.

Sunshine so say lowers cholesetrol,high garlic pills did not work,for me.Some find them a benefit.

best of luck,



I have never experienced suicidal tendencies, depression or crying.  Maybe slight depression by being unable to function  normally.

 I have had for several months the following side effects.

(1) Swelling in my hands (2) Swelling of feet, ankles, or lower legs

(3) Limb pain (4) Muscle spasm (5) Muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness

(6) Lack or loss of strength (7) Tendon problems (torn Achilles tendon, Torn Left arm bicep tendon)

(8) Joint pain lack or loss of strength (9) Muscle cramps , pain, stiffness, or weakness

(10) Blistering skin rash (lasted for several weeks and went away)

(11) Peeling, or loosening of the skin on hands

(12) Lack or loss of strength

(13) Inability to have or keep an erection

(14) Loss of sexual ability, drive, or desire

(15) Increased thirst

(16) Numbness, Tingling or Pain of Hands and feet

(17) total Lack of energy.

I was unable to sleep laying down and had to sleep sitting up and even the pain in my hands and arms was sometimes very intense and would continue to wake me several times a night.   This has been going on for close to a year now.

Several doctors including my GP are passing my symptoms off as not in their specialty or inconsequential.

I stopped takin Lipitor without my GP consent  and since doing so my condition is improving.  The swelling is subsiding in both hands. The rash has gone away completely.  I feel somewhat stronger.  Still have numbness in my right thumb. forefinger and middle finger.  Several other side effects are still apparent.

I am still wondering if anyone else has had similar or as intense symptoms as I have experienced.  

Please let me know if you are out there.


A lot on your list,I also suffer with.

My hands and arms swell,also loss of strength in my hands,The Dr said it was classic artharitous,< sorry about spelling > 

I have googled and after a lot of searching found that Lipantil can make this worse.

I am now at the point where I am considering stopping all cholesterol medication.

A friend of our stopped,as he was finding walking hard.He was a very fit guy in his 70 . Suddenly once on Cholesterol  lots of problems.After giving up he felt so much better.All problems went eventually.At 85 he is fit but has given up lawn cutting gardening for the " old dears "

I have no history in my family of bone,muscle or arthritous.Yet the last year this has become a problem.I think the lipantil may be the reason.

I have yet to visit the DR,to give my decision.That I am sure, is going to be a fun visit.

I eat very little cholesterol foods,some days my intake is zero.It seems to me the liver is determined to produce this.I wonder why? Does our body need more as we age.Without it we would die.Perhaps the liver is wiser than we think.

The profit made by these drug companies is vast.The aim to make as much profit as poss.The 2 ways to achieve this is increase your market,or increase your price.I really wonder if this "wonder drug " is really so wonderful.Have we all bought into the "bling " and been fed misinformation.

Looking at your list  about 90% is also my companion.

I do wonder if it is age related or the cholesterol pills,with me.

Each year my cholesterol  goes up, each year the dose goes up or the pills are changed,until eventually 2 different pills are prescribed.Every year I feel worse.When I am brave and stop taking them I feel so much better.

Fear is a great controller,fear of stopping or taking?

I thought going to a consultant would be wonderful.Here is a expert in his field.Has all the answers,sorry to say, just another Dr who changes the pills and issues another prescription.Who had not read my history,and who decided WE must try harder,as WE are running out of options.

I did laugh as sure that only one of me,and NO WE .

I was also told He would get me to the magic number 5,well have not been at that level for 8 years.The thought did cross my mind kill or cure me.This  unlikely event, to get me to the magic number 5, at ANY COST to me.

I do hope you improve,it seems you have a intolerance,as I do.There is no guarantee in life,I do wonder if we are sold these drugs as a possible extension to life.At our cost.

Thank you for your list, was quite shocking to see so many of my problems with in it.

Kind regards Christine.


Thought I was the only one alive suffering like this sorry for you but it  seems like there's at least 2 of us.  I am a retired commercial industrial mechanical contractor HVAC.  I have been very active ALL MY career working out in the field.  My quality of life wen down the tube when I started taking Lipator as I had Said 6 doctors all with no clue.  First alloy looked up side effects and OMG there were all there for both Crestor & Lipator.   That is what made up my mind to self diagnosis and stop taking the. LIPATOR. I had been on Creator when I tore my Achilles tendon and now I realize I had similar symptoms when on Crestor.   It has taken about a month and a half and the swelling in my hands is finally subsiding.   Good  luck with making your decision.


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