Angina after a Bypass?

Hi, I had a quadruple bypass back in October 2014, after the op I was really ill and had SVT which required 3 electric shocks. Anyhow to cut to the chase. I was on Amiordarone 200mg for a fast heartbeat, this was stopped in December 2014, a few weeks after this I started getting the odd chest pain, breathlessness and my legs began to swell, never had this before the operation just Angina. I have been back to the doctor and Cardiologist, they are ordering a 48hr mobile ECG and an Echo. I was also told I had Peripheral Vascular Disease and need to see a vascular Surgeon, I am awaiting a visit to have my leg Blood Pressure taken.

Last night was horrendous I had 4 lots of severe chest pain which I know was Angina, had it too long previously for me not to know. I took some GTN spray 2 puffs and the pain vanished after 3 minutes and left me with a banging headache. I am also on numerous Blod Pressure tablets because they cannot get my BP down. Rhe Doctors say I am not getting Angina and refuse to even consider it, although I know from research that some operations do not entirely work. Has anyone had experience of this themselves or in their families?

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  • Hi Spike, what else are you doing/taking other then taking the doctors medications. What other advice have they given you

  • I also have PVD so cannot walk too far maybe 4/5 minutes and leg pain takes over. Meds are Raminpril 10mg, Aspirin 300mg until October then reduces to m75mg, Bisoprolol 10mg, Ezetrol 10mg (cholesterol tablet), Amolodipine 10mg. I do a little housework, all the cooking, ironing and a little gardening but have to have help with that. I took my BP last night because I had a fast heartbeat, I had been at rest at least 1 hour, the pulse was 140, that makes me feel ill also, I normally do not feel my heartbeat but do when it is fast, its like it is trying to jump out of my chest, had none of this until after the operation. I was sure I'd feel much better than I do once I had, had the operation. I am back on all my usual meds now so from that point of view it was a waste of time. I admit I am worried and feel a little 'down', to be honest I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel and that also is unusual for me, I am usually so positive in my outlooks.

  • Hi Spike, What changes have you made to your diet. What was it like before and what is it like now. Have you done much investigation into this side of things as I am sure you will have had minimal advice from the hospital, like I did.

  • I have always followed a varied diet but not gone overboard with it. I have never taken much alcohol and it is none at all now for the last 10yrs. Since the operation I have quit sugar, still have a treat/cake once weekly but am having more fruit, veggies and salads. I have looked into failed bypasses and can see there is about a 17% chance of failure up to 24% 1 year post op but that is for the USA, it is hard to find these things for the UK. Yes you are right, the hospital and my GP say it cannot be Angina and will not entertain the thought of any sort of failure, I was even told by one Dr that I was having indigestion. Never suffered from indigestion so that MUST be a side effect of a bypass surgery.

  • It could be indigestion that permeates up to your chest region and if it is then I would bet its your med's that are doing it. I inquired about your food intake because I think in your situation you have to throw the kitchen sink at this and not just hospital meds. Are you familiar with the literature of Ornish, Esselstyn and others ?

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