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Given all clear, still don't feel right?

HI all,

a couple of times over the past 3 weeks ive awoken with a very sharp pain beneath my left rib-cage, sore enough to wake me from sleep. It only lasts a couple of seconds and it goes. Id be fit enough for a 40 year old, never smoked and go for a job 2-3 times a week., but last night i had to stop jogging as I was feeling rough in my chest, like my heart was being over worked. I went to my GP and she sent me to A&E. Whilst there i had bloods, chest x-ray and a stress-test on a treadmill. All came back clear, so I was sent home... problem is that I still don't feel right. I'm just conscious that i wasn't given a diagnosis or reason why the pain was there and my heart didn't feel right. The doctor even suggested Id be fine to run a 5k ive signed up for next week.

Im not sure what else I can do to try and get back to 100%. The doctor did suggest that it could be stress related as I have recently buried my father who died suddenly 3 months ago, but im not a stressful person and generally dont get to stressed about anything.

Any help advice or suggestions would be welcome.


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Lymmes infection can give simular symptoms,have you been in long grass whilst jogging with shorts on ? The Havester Mite carry Lymmes disease.i have it.


Could it possibly have been muscle cramps from the tiny muscles around your rib cage? I often get this for various reasons but in the beginning it definitely felt as though it was my heart.

You say you are not a stressed person. I would suggest that there is not a person on the planet who is not a stressed person and alive - we need stress to function. Change the word to distress - different story. Distress and especially grieving takes many subtle forms which often manifest in physical rather than psychological or emotional symptoms, especially if you are a 'coper'.

If you have had all the tests come back clear i would suggest you might consider this as a cause and perhaps even deferred pain?


Hi You are absolutely right CDreamer I now firmly believe that bereavement can have a huge effect on health. Very sorry to hear about your father Pompom1916. My father also died suddenly and yes I thought I was a coper so didn't take time out to take it all in (also had people around me who think it's best to carry on as normal!) and that was the start of major health problems for me. I was so low I developed brochitis and pleurisy and was VERY ill with this, then went on to have a heart attack 18 months later. You may feel ok Pompom1916 but it REALLY is important to take time out and grieve. I hope this help and doesn't scare you, for me, I developed the brochitis after my son having a chest infection but because I was so low it hit me harder, that's my feeling on it anyway, so please take care and look after yourself.


I understand your anxiousness but that is most probably making it worse. We all feel strange things from time to time. I know from experience that stress and anxiety can manifest in very real physical symptoms. Obviously keep an eye on it but try not to obsess.


Thanks for the replies, I'm not sure how to take time out if that is what is being suggested ... My job is enjoyable, I get reg enough exercise and I would do my best to be a ' coper' This said I still feel a strange sensation under my leg rib cage and it is strees related has anyone tips on elevating it? Cheers


If this happens everyday go back to your GP and request a 24hr heart monitor, hopefully it will capture any irregularity of your heart whilst you are experiencing the pain.

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Hello, all kinds of things can cause chest pain, so I'd recommend going back to your docs if it continues and you're still worried.

It could just be muscle pain/cramping though. This can be made a lot worse by stress. It may be worth visiting an osteopath. They can help to loosen tight muscles in your rib cage, which can cause the pain.


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