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blood tumor markers


hi can liver cancer go undetected in blood test please my scans not good and ALT rising but tumor markers in blood normal .. i have urgent phone call wed with liver nurse thanku

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What liver tumour do you have?


I have not had results so no idea atm if its liver cancer or not but the tumor markers in blood were normal but I had read that dose not necessarily mean no tumors ?? Thanku

I have a liver tumour.... a focal nodula hyperplasia..... a rare benign liver tumour but all but liver markers were normal....

I'm so sorry I will be thinking of u xx my ALT was raised following week raised again following week ultra sound scan showed abnormal liver covered in lumps and bumps gp said its serious waiting for call on Wed for specialist liver nurse just wondered if anyone had same experience?? Thanku

I will be thinking of you..... please let me know how you get on....

how old are you? X

thanku xx

I'm 50 not drank for 15 years

Have you got someone supporting you? X

I have a family and a very good friend around me

Please let me know how you get on. Take care x

Thanku and u lovely xx

I should add right shoulder pain right pain by ribs dull ache tired ohso tired feeling sick itchy losing weight amongst other things with bad foot cramps

How long has this been going on? How old are you? X

50 years old since oct 2019 but only really went to gp because of bad brusing and bloods were done to check things out

My son had a HCC and his markers were all normal. He ended up with a biopsy and even that didn’t 100% confirm but they were sure enough to list him for transplant and afterwards it was confirmed as a HCC.

Aww thanku for your reply hope ur son is doing good now .. cani ask what is HCC sorry im new to all this thanku xx

It’s a hepatocellular carcinoma, a type of liver tumour common in people with liver disease. My son was born with a genetic condition that caused liver disease and the tumour was discovered when he 16. He had a transplant within 3 weeks and is now almost 19 and doing well x

Oh my that was very quick for a transplant so pleased he is doing well at such a young age as well.. thanku for your reply... I think the not knowing what is going on is the worst thing for me atm xx

Hello.... I was thinking of you today... and was wondering how you got on with the liver nurse? X

Hi unfortunately I had no phone call so I still don't know whats going on xx

Hi had phone call 2day got to haveliver biopsy and fibro scan I think they said so awaiting appoint xx

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