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Blood test results today

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Apparently I’ve now gone from cirrhosis getting worse to my liver is almost back to normal now? I will wait to see next month what my liver doctor has to say about it. No need in getting my hopes up yet. Every doc you see interpretes your blood results differently I have found out.

Oh well, do you know what? I still don’t fancy a drink regardless of the results.



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Hi Brett

Sorry not been following you how and by whom were you diagnosed with Cirrhosis.

Who says your liver is nearly normal.

WHat is the reason for your liver issues

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Brett11 in reply to carmik

I was diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis in 2016. They said my liver was too far gone to heal itself. I saw my GP today who did my blood results were outstanding and my liver is getting back to normal. I see my liver doc every 3 months at the hospital. I have had most of the usual dramas attributed to cirrhosis. I will wait to see what my liver doc has to say about it.



That's great news Brett. Well done keep it up ☺

Not so fast! Now the urology dept wants to see me urgently?? Dunnow about that one. Had kidney cancer well over 5 years ago now. But it was all clear after the op

Ok. I'm wishing you well . Keep us posted

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Brett11 in reply to

It could have to do with the camera I had up my bottom the other week?

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O13B in reply to Brett11

No Urology is bladd, kidney and plumbing!

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Kristian in reply to Brett11

Yep, the camera goes in the other side! :-s

Ah ha very likely !!

Hi Brett,similar thing happened to me last week? Did blood tests and ultra sound etc and the doctors told me to stop taking any medications they had given me !!!! In 2016 they said I needed a transplant!!!!! I haven’t had a drink since and won’t drink again, don’t want to, prefer to stay sober cos I feel much better without booze or smoking!! One bad thing is my prostate level has gone up to level 6, so got to get that checked...not nice those bottom jobs!!!!! Anyway well done Brett.....stay good

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mschantelle in reply to robhood

Really? So what are your scans saying? I hope this happens to me, I like yourself have seen the light and know how it feels to face my mortality.. I will never take that risk again

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robhood in reply to mschantelle

Hi Chantelle...Yes i was sitting there waiting for bad news...and luckily they gave me the opposite !! The Doc whilst scanning me was mumbling in Bulgarian and a few words in English..'Mmmm Good...Good!!...STEADY....!' After, while they were reading the Blood tests,all in Bulgarian, they just turned around and,the most eloquent Doc, said absolutely no more medicines, that they had prescribed me, and that i must never take 'Asprin' ?? Never did anyway ! I told them that i had,by my own decision STOPPED taking a medicine they had prescribed me 'SPIROLACTONE' , I was feeling pains in my kidneys and very bad mastitis and i read that SPIROLACTONE can cause these side i stopped taking it...They were Jolly ! and said 'Yes Well done' !!!! I was shocked !! and Happy !

I have no wish to drink again...feel so much better without it ! and luckily have never had cravings for it. I do NOT advise anyone to stop taking prescribed medicines by themselves..ALWAYS TALK TO THE DOC...But i live in Italy and am not followed by an Italian doctor...only by the Docs in Bulgaria where i fell ill...However now i will find a Doc here....Anyway stay strong Brett and others, things can get better if we wish it...and live it...

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mschantelle in reply to robhood

Wow that’s amazing.. there is hope!

I’ve never felt quite right about taking the spirolactone, I don’t actually believe in man made medicine and I’ve never taken pain killers unless it was absolutely essential, I feel that god has provided us with the medicines we need naturally and Since I’ve been ill I’ve embraced as much superfoods as I can in a smoothie, fresh every day, I don’t care much for processed foods and try to cook as much as I can

My body has changed greatly since I got ill, I was very very slight before.. I’m 5ft 9 and have always been around 9 stone and now I’m 11.. I feel absolutely huge but if you just saw me you’d think it was normal.. I know it’s not MY normal so I have great difficulty with this, I eat very well so I think the medication is making me big, I’d love to stop it all.

Was you told you were in end phase failure like me?

Did you have scarring on your liver?

What has your latest scan shown in comparison to your diagnosis scans I just don’t understand this

I have not had any medical attention since last August because the 2 hospitals I’m under got crossed wires and thought the other was dealing with me so I’ve managed to sort it out myself and I’m in kings hospital on April 23rd, I’m hoping I will get a full evaluation and see if I am out of danger 🙏🏼

in reply to mschantelle

I think it done me good to face my mortality. now I don't fear it.

I never try and stay good. Goods boring lol. I have no fancy to booze whatsoever. Sometimes I miss it. Even if they told me my liver etc was in workshop condition again, I would want to keep it that way. Hey, everyone needs at least one addiction, mines is smoking. Cough, cough, wheeze, see, it’s done nothing to me. Cough cough lol

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Brett11 in reply to Brett11

I think they will have to sedate me heavier if they want that camera thingy up my bottom again. And spending 4 days on that Moven... stuff is not very nice either.

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Faithfull in reply to Brett11

Yes it's all shit

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Brett11 in reply to Faithfull


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Faithfull in reply to Brett11

Glad I made u laugh it's true a load o f crap

That is awesome! What did you do or take to get this result So? Inquiring minds want to know🤔

Not to put a dampener on things you can have normal blood test results even with cirrhosis once your liver calms down and becomes compensated. My hubby was listed for transplant in June 2014 but delisted 2015 - his condition hasn't improved only his blood test results and it was this that took him out of the qualifying criteria for transplant.

It is best to let your liver doctor look at the results together with latest scan details etc.

Hubby still has advanced cirrhosis as obvious on U/S scans and biopsy but his blood results are normal.


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O13B in reply to AyrshireK

Me too! My bloods are normal, no ascities but still have end stage liver disease

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Faithfull in reply to O13B

Me as well same just look 13 months pregnant

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Faithfull in reply to AyrshireK

You are one in million you are so fantastic wonderful wife and advice person make sure the hubby knows!x

in reply to AyrshireK

hi katie,

I just was reading this post about your hubby enzymes. I take care of my father-in-law and his doctor always say to him, If you have cirrhosis it will show up in some of your blood work for the liver. The doctor did say people with cirrhosis have very low Alt levels because the liver isn't functioning.He said they can fit in the normal range but they are on the low end of normal. From reading your story and many more, i don't think this is true for everyone. I just like to share this information.

I’m only on lots of water tabs. Rifiximin, off the pain tabs and the lactose and stuff that helps me to not vomit. And B1, D and multivitamin. I took my self off all the pain and happy pills

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Faithfull in reply to Brett11

Yes happy pills I'm still on ten yrs now there telling me ten yrs better cut u down bit late

You need to be careful and continue to follow a healthy well balanced diet and regular exercise x glad yore bloods are good now, but who told you to stop the dreaded lectulose? I think you should speak to your liver consultant before stopping anything except the pain meds!

I am staying on my core “stay alive” drugs . I try and excerscise daily. Well, picking up after 2 cats and one dog keeps me active. I still go out swimming a couple of times aweek .

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Faithfull in reply to Brett11

Glad to here

Good well said

I hope your consultant says your liver has improved but wait until you see him. You are right not to celebrate yet!! Colonoscoopies are shit, Faithful definitely right with that one. They gave me stronger sedation when I had a thicker than normal tube going down my throat. Best sleep I'd had in ages!! Fentanyl or something like that xxxx

Probably not related to anything but now I seem to get really bad stitches everywhere?? Where is the reset button on these bodies? Or a reset to last known good for the body computer program? Lol

On a good note, I have lost about 5kg of weight in the last couple of weeks with the help of the water tablets.

I can now almost fit in to my large tee shirts and not the tents that I was wearing. The is gold under those rainbows. We went out for a nice dinner last night. Walked in with $80 and came out with a small pokie win of $145. Nice one. THEN we realised that it was our 22nd anniversary lol

It’s not all good lol. Just out of hospital again. Super low blood pressure, very low iron and next to nil potassium. All due to me taking too many water tabs. Remind me to thank my GP who said it was safe to up the water tablets lol. My real liver doc (all the rest are 22 year old trainee doctors who know everything) said, and I quote “ 80% of your liver is dead, kaput, fu**ed and the other 20% left has compensated for the 80% that is fu**ed”. I prefer to be told it like that than the super mumbo jumbo the kid doctors tell you. You can go from compensated to decompensated and the other way. It’s not set in stone. So now I’m still alive and learnt the hard way (like most men) .

Keep tuned for Brett’s continued liver cirrhosis saga to unfold....



I take water pills also, caused the nurse to call me at 4am telling me i MUST come to the hospital immediately or risk heart failure. I went back to sleep and showed up at 10am. They call the lack of potassium hypokalemia. Now I need to take a time release potassium pill every time I take a Lasix. Didn't like the Spironolactone besides it quit working. I guess I'm just doomed to have the fat belly, legs and feet. At 4'11" I'm used to weighing less than 100lbs. No more. I love reading the posts here. Some I don't understand like ?tips? Yep, I'm from the U.S. and can't wait until we have healthcare for all. It's so expensive here.

I'm so glad to hear all of you that said you are getting better. I'd love to hear that.

Goodnight all.

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Brett11 in reply to Angelann69

I would love to visit the US some day for a holiday but I am too scared about your immigration policies and the gun ownership think. Enough about politics eh! There is more to worry about. My liver doctor says my thyroid might be the problem for my rapid weight gain. Have you had that tested yet?

Cheers from Australia


Hi Brett, yes, I have thyroid troubles. I'm sure my weight gain is water weight. At least I hope so. So, I wish I could come to Austrailia too where you have gun laws and don't have idiot Trump. I did go to New Zealand maybe 20 years ago. Very nice. Very relaxing. You don't have to be worried about immigration, I'd say more on that but I'm new here and just finding my way around. It's very early here so I don't know how I feel yet today. That's a good sign, eh?

I hope at least this day finds you well.

Angel from California

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Brett11 in reply to Angelann69

There are some very good people on here. With good advice. But it’s only advice. The only problem here is that I have to wait 12 hours for a reply as they are all sleeping when I post lol.

I’m all good here. Well, if you call waking up in pain in every morning lol. The good part is that I woke up haha. We live in the tropics so it’s autumn here. Very cold. It’s about 19 Celsius in the mornings. I need to find my winter jumper lol.

Good morning! It's just going into summer here and still 74 degrees in my house. Aghhh, too warm. I get tired of the rain. that's until the heat of over 100 gets here. Talk about being puffed up . Oh well, sun is out and what's a jumper?


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Brett11 in reply to Angelann69

Something that you wear to keep out the cold lol

You must have some lovely beaches in California.

I live in Northern CA. The beaches up here are cold and foggy but surfers utilize them anyway. I'm not close to any beaches but very close to Folsom Prison, haha and the lake. Very nice. I'll be there as the temp climbs to 100+. Ackkkk. I used to love it but now with this giant tum, not so much.

Do you sleep a lot? I'm so tired It's difficult for me to wake up. All I want to do is sleep. Just wondering if it's just me. I also have chronic pancreatitis which has destroyed my pancreas completely. Could be both reasons for sleeping.

What are you doing for your swelling now?

You guys have the prettiest beaches and the best waves.

I could sleep 23 hours a day if I was allowed to. I haven’t had the blood test yet for thyroid. If it’s not that then the doctor says it’s nothing wrong with me and to go on yet another diet and cut down more on my liquid intake. I will have about a tea spoon of water a day at this rate. They have increased my water pills yet again but not huge so I don’t pass out again. How’s your fluid build up going? I think I might have to invest in a wheelbarrow to carry my stomach around.

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Brett11 in reply to Brett11

We have great beaches here. We live in a suburb called Yorkeys Knob. Google it. It is a real place with an unfortunate name .

Had to laugh, sorry, but Yorkey's Knob? I will look it up. As far as your large belly, don't they drain off fluid? I know it only helps for a short time but has to be horrible painful . They can't even see mine or so they say. "no eodema". I can see it without a scan. I'm still in stage 1 so they say but I know better. I haven't seen a doctor in months. What's the point? They keep telling me the same ol same ol. No salt, no fats, no alcohol or tobacco. duh.... Tylenol only for pain. I take morphine for my pancreas pain which is horrendous and since there is a big political push to get rid of pain meds all together the dose has been decreased to less than 1/2 of what I need. How did you end up with this? I was a wild child of the 60's, tried everything available to me and loved every minute of it. There was no hepatitis C then. When my gastro doc found I was positive for hep C he had me go through the Harvoni cure. Pfffft!!

I felt fine until I did that. My liver tests were good. I got the distinct feeling that if I didn't comply by taking Harvoni they wouldn't treat my pancreatitis. I quit taking it 2 weeks short as it caused more pain. Now they say I'm cured of hep C , Too bad my life has gone to hell since I took it. My liver panel comes back fine except that now I have cirrhosis. Lovely.

Isn't it painful to have that much pressure on your belly? The little they say I have sure is for me but that might be because my pancreas is now all but gone from autodigestion. Since Harvoni: cirrhosis, diabetes, edema in belly legs and feet. Yuck.

Since they increased your water pills do they also give you a potassium pill to keep what happened to you before from happening again? I don't know if our drug names are the same but I take Lasix and Ktab10 together. No great hope here, I still have big puffy feet along with neuropathy. I wake with the feeling my feet are dripping wet but they are just damp. Weird.

Ask about or just buy some potassium pills, those can be deadly too if you have too much. Some day we will not need doctors anymore and will be able to take our own blood tests, read them and self prescribe. Some day in the land of Oz.

Thanks for verifying the tired and sleeping thing. I really thought it was just me.

I bought the 4th (I think) version of "The Final Exit" and am planning my escape for when it gets out of control. My husband took his own life almost 7 years ago. I sure do miss him.

What treatment if any are you getting? Just the water pills? I guess there really just isn't any. Are you on a transplant list? Sorry if I forgot. the brain ain't what it used to be.

Surf's up!

Take care,


I just looked up Yorkey's knob. What a wonderful place to live!! You are lucky in that respect my friend. Sun and surf in a small town. Everyone's dream.

We even have an OK ish hospital. Even though it’s a training hospital.

Good luck

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