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High GGT Levels

Firstly I'm new!

I'm a 66 year old female who classes herself as a none drinker except for maybe one or two drinks per month if that!

For around 10 years my liver blood tests have had a reading of around 95 or 97! Each time I was tested my doctor asked numerous times how much I drank! Of course I said almost none! After further tests my readings went back to normal.

Over many years I've complained about discomfort under my ribs, mainly the right side plus pains in my back and awful swelling of my abdomen on numerous occasions. In 2006 hospital investigations were carried out and I underwent Plication of the Anterior Abdomen Wall which relieved the symptoms.

In 2010 was informed I had gallstones. Unfortunately after further ultrascan in 2014 it came to light that my gallbladder should have been removed in 2010 but got accidentally over looked. Gallbladder removed in 2014 after multi small stones found.

Discomfort still continued after operation so in 2016 CT Scan was carried out of my abdomen. The scan highlighted none threathening small growths in both lungs and two small cysts in both kidneys and the hospital consultant discharged me.

In May 2018 a further routine CT Scan of my abdomen and Thorax highlighted no change in the above although I still have discomfort, pain under ribs and abdomen bloating!

In October and November 2018 I was referred for cystoscopy and colonoscopy due to ongoing urinary tract infections since 1994 which has been treated with numerous antibiotics over many years. Both camera investigations gave the all clear!

My reason for writing all the above down is, I'm now under investigation after having a routine blood test in July 2018 which highlighted a GGT level reading of 145!!! August was 143, September 129, October 112 and November 150! The bloid test report said weak/positive for possible PBC??? In August I was referred to a Hepatology Clinic and have an appointment mid December 2018! I still have discomfort under my ribs and occasionally in my back. I get high tempertures now and then. I'm allergic to numerous medications plus tea and coffee which I've not drank for 36 year as all upset my gut and make me extremely sick!

I'm overweight by about 2 stone with no high blood pressure or diabetes. I bike for around 1 to 2 hours for about 5 days a week so I class myself as reasonably fit!

Can anyone answer whether there's a possibility that I may have none acholic PBC or can something else be causing the monthly high GGT level readings when all other blood tests are fine!!!

Regards Slaines

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There are other reasons for high GGT. As long as you are seeing a Hepatologist he /she will be able to define what the problem is.

Good Luck

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Many thanks for your reply Freddie! Its was the blood test report that stated possible PBC which I'd never heard of until then.

I have however read quite alot about PBC if this could be the case. However other causes mentioned I do not have, so I look forward to the Hepatolgiest diagnosis!

What I've not been able to find is a diet sheet for PBC !

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Hi Freddie

Firstly Merry Christmas! Sorry for late reply but Ive only recently saw the Hepatologiest. I was shown 5 months blood tests on a computer graph and was informed that based on my symptoms and tests that I already have PBC or the early stages of it. However loads more blood tests had to be carried out there and then to rule out other liver diseases! As ve already had CT scans and Ultrasounds on my abdomen which have not shown up any liver issues I now have to have a further ultrasound test to see if I have a fatty liver! Whenthe consultant has the results of both Im being referred for an MRI of my bile duct due to symptoms in that area.

My next appointment is not until March the 19th for results due to waiting list!

Im not a drinker but I am slightly overweight by 1.5 to 2 stone which Im working on. I do go to the gym almost daily and bike around 15 to 23 kilometers a day so Im fairly fit with lwish blood pressure and so far no diabetes.

How are you?

Your isn't that high, up in the 100s would be more worrying but even then it can be caused by other things or nothing at all as in my case.

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Thank you for your reply.

I have noticed on the web that some people do have GGT's in the hundreds but some have been diagnosed with PBC at various stages.

Hopefully I do not have it but would like to find the cause!

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Sometimes a cause isn't found, mine is up in the 100s been like it for 10 years but no idea why.

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Same here!

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Hi thanks for brief note! Yes you are correct about my GGT only being 150 which is low compared to others! However its the hospital who have indicated PBC based on my symptoms and recent 5 mobths blood tests. However further indepth blood tests, another ultrasound and MRI of my bile duct due to on going

Medical problems which Ive had for years. However Im fairly fit and go to the gym daily which Ive done for over 30 years, however i am slightly over weight as I like to cook as a hobby.....

I do hope they get to the bottom of your mefical issues soon.

Merry Christmas !

I have recently been diagnosed with PBC and had higher GGT yet am in early stages of PBC. Are any other Liver function tests elevated?

I have asked my consultant about diet for PBC and so far there is no specific diet, just healthy eating and avoiding alcohol.

The journey to diagnosis may not be quick, especially if Liver tests are not typical and you may have a fibroscan which can assess impact on the liver. AMA tends to be positive with PBC. I had several biopsies however this is because I also had lesions.

The timeframe you have been given for a consultant isn't to bad and I am sure you will start to feel reassured once you can speak to a consultant.

I am also a mostly non drinker and I was told GGT can be raised for a variety of reasons, often not chronic conditions, just the body's response to some inflammation.

I am now on URSO and so far no negative side effects.

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Sorry to hear you have PBC! Im shocked to read that there is no diet sheet guidelne, only recmmendations is to eat heathly.

I recently saw the consultant and was shown my last 5 months blood tests on a computer graph which did point to PBC even after stating my symptoms.

Ive recently had check up CT and ultrasound scans of my abdomen due to small growths in my lungs and cysts in my kidneys. No liver problems highlighted. However a further ultrasound is to be carried out to test for a fatty liver. Once the consultant has results Im informed Im being referred for an MRI of my bile duct due to pain after eating and pain in my back !

Im now avoiding cream and only eat small amounts of cheese and I drink loads more tonic water as I feel much better after drinking it. I struggle with 8 large glasses of water a day! Im allergic to tea and coffee which is a shame as black coffee Im informed is good for the liver!!!

Oh well, time to go! Merry Christmas !

Hi, I too have PBC. It is an autoimmune disease. Your body sees your liver as a foreign object and attacks the small bile ducts inside. If you go on the search bar at the top right corner and type in PBC Foundation you can join a specific group for PBC on health unlocked. There is the also The PBC Foundation. You can google this and join. It is really helpful and up to date on treatments and advice. Please join both. I know how it feels when first diagnosed, I’d never heard of it either and the worst thing to do is google it, as most is out of date information.

Hi Slaines,

I had had a very high GGT years ago and was asked whether I was a heavy drinker. Definitely not. It bothers me a bit that the physicians can't come up with a better question.

Anyhow, since then, I was diagnosed with Obs Sleep Apnea (OSA) and have been using my CPAP machine consistently for several years and after a recent blood test, it seems that I have more normal GGT numbers now. Not sure if there is a connection with OSA and high GGT, but it might be worth ruling it out. Best wishes!

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Hi Gesun

Firstly many thanks for your reply! Secondly apologiest for late reply, my emails went down which Ive only got up and runnng today 27th of Dec!

I saw the consultant just before Christmas and was shown my last 5 months blood tests which they said indicated PBC along with my long term symptoms .However before they can confirm for sure I have to have further blood tests a further ultrasound to to rule out other liver diseases and an MRI on my bile ducts because Ive been having dull aches along with odd pains in my back plus permant discomfort under my right rib cage.

I have good and bad days which I put down to what I eat at times. I get horrid crap like pains in my legs and arms on odd occassions and itchy skn at night!!! Sometimes this can ladt for weeks then goes away!!! Weird I know.

Certain food make me nausea and sometmes very sick!

However I do class myself as mainly healthy , overweight by a 1 to 2 stone which Im addressing slowly.

Anyway, please keep in touch ! Regards Slaines

Make up for lost time

mine GGT is 1032

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GGT 1032??? Really! I never knew it could be that high! Do you drink alot or have a medical condition?

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