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Hi i've had blood test first done 3 years ago and they came back that i had a high ggt, then in october last year i was sent for a liver scan and it came back that i had a gallstone, so in april of this year i had my gallbladder removed, had blood test done 3 weeks after my operation and my ggt was 248 had bloods done again a month later and it had come down to 161 then a month later had bloods done again and it had gone to 196 then last week had bloods done again and they have gone back up to 226, the doc is sending me for a scan and i've got to have bloods done in a months time , i dont drink much can many one give me any answers plz x

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  • Hi as Iv been ggt can rise and fall for many reasons how are your other lfts coming out, how's your cholesterol and weight, also one small glass of alcohol within48 hours can raise it.

  • Hi all other bloods and cholesterol are fine, my weight has been the same since i started having bloods done 3 years ago, it just seam that since i've had my gallblader removed that when my ggt has gone higher , also i didnt have a drink for two week before having bloods done

  • I have auto immune diseases and that raises mine as well, do you have arthritis at all

  • No arthritis

  • i believe it no acolol that show up on gamma gt its the toxins that show up an tells doctors u drink.

  • GGT is in other organs, not just the Liver. But lets assume its the liver, the enzymes leaks into the blood when there is damage to your biliary cells, ALP is usually measured too, again these are in the biliary system.

    It could be tiny stones that are stuck in your ducts. PBC is also a thought, which is not a disease i would wish on anyone. You need to be checked for auto immune conditions , which the doctor may be doing in the next round of bloods.

    Try not to get too alarmed just yet, hopefully you will have some answers soon.

  • Many thanks for that

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