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Ultra muscleze cream and ginger water


Just wanted to share the amazing cream I use every single day for pain in my joints and cramps burning feet and muscle spasms.Its a magnesium cream but if you can get bioCeuticals over there it's my life saving magic cream.its magnesium wintergreen oil field mint and menthol.Its better than taking magnesuim.

Also I have found drinking water with grated ginger and crystalised ginger amazing.Helps flush the ammonia out.Both of these helped my friend so much in the last weeks of his life.Just wanted to share with my British friends.hope everyone has a good night( well it's 10.40 pm in Australia and its bed time for this exhausted Aussie xxx

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Thank you for sharing, will try to get some of this cream

Thanks for this I suffer with cramp and muscle spams, how much ginger and crystallised ginger do you use.

where can you buy this from please cathy ann ?

I am from Australia.My daughter is a pharmacist and orders it in.The cream has been flying off the shelves.If you look up the biocencutils( think I spelt that wrong it was on my post) look it up online and see if you can buy it over there.Or look up creams with magnesium menthol and wintergreen oil.I hope you can find it.I can't live with out it.good luck xx

hiya cathyann is this cream just for muscle and cramp pain or can you use it for spider veins on face.

Hi I use about 3-4 cubes in my water but I also use it in my lemon and ginger tea that I just sip all day.hope this helps x

I was only given some if this cream 2 days ago, well a cream with menthol, its fantastic for the pain in my feet and the heat in them at night has realy lessened.

Cathy-anne in reply to terri2109

That's awesome so happy for you.did it have magnesium in it?


Hi all,

With regards to the product being discussed here.

We would advise caution when considering purchase.

The British Liver Trust does not recommend the use of any homeopathic or herbal remedies for those with any liver problems as these have to be processed by the liver and can actually damage the liver and lead to severe illness.

More research needs to be done on the use and safety of such remedies and therapies.

Homeopathic remedies are unregulated in the UK and concentrations of active ingredients vary by brand purchased. If you are considering using complementary or alternative remedies &/or therapies please always discuss this with your liver doctor first.

Best wishes,

BLT Admin

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