Weight gain or water retention

Hi all you nice people I don't post on hear alot recently anyway. I'm concerned because for the last 5 years or so I've had water retention in my bottom third of my legs ie ankles which is controlled with spirolactone I've got end stage liver along with hepc and p/hypertension enlarged spleen enlarged veins in stomach area and esophagus along with some other things the reason for the post is the last 2/3years my stomach has got bigger now I know some is fat I've always had a podgy belly but now I've put on about 3 stone in the last year I don't eat a lot I have cereal in the morning then 3/4 biscuits in the afternoon and at teatime I'll have a piece of fish with a slice of bread in the evening I'll have some fruit and a bit of cereal maybe and that's it. So the last time I saw my consultant he done his usual tapping test and said yes a little water but you need to exercise more ,now that was 6 months ago and I've now put this extra weight on so I was wondering if anyone hear would know if I can have a test to see if I've got ascites in my stomach or what's going on as it's getting me down as I'm the right weight everywhere else apart from there and for what I eat I'm 6ft 3 I should have no extra weight on me many thanks to every one hoping you can help bri

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  • Hi. Only a doctor can really say but it does sound likely that you need a stomach drain. My partner was having them every 2 weeks prior to transplant.

    Hope this has been some help.xx

  • Thanks for the insight just a tad fed up with it all to be honest 🤔

  • I'm sorry to say that your story is similar to mine. I also put on about 3 stone in a year, myself and my other half used to joke that the less I ate the more weight I put on. I ended up very ill and eventually needed a liver transplant. I'm not suggesting you'll need a transplant too, only that it's well worth getting back to your Dr and explain this increase in weight. They can confirm or eliminate ascities and if needed play with your diuretics.

  • Hi yes thanks for that just need it sorting I have got to go for and see someone at the royal free about a transplant in a while but would just like to know about this water thing do u know how they tell if it is apart from the tapping of fingers on your stomach thanks bri

  • Good question! I know they can see with ultrasound, but I think the just poking the stomach thing is all they normally require. Are you going for transplant assessment?

    Weirdly and I don't think they really know why, diuretics can stop working so this might also be the case.

  • Yes that's it I've gotta go for an appointment to see a consultant then I think he'll tell me when my assessment is that's next month bri

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