His all ..well I've just got in from what I can only describe as an eventful day 😯 my partner was due a ct this morning .. but after feeling very unwell was checked by Dr's.. they decided that he needed 2 platelet transfusions.. and an urgent endoscopy . The endoscopy was normal (I presume they were checking for varacies) as well as all this going on ..he started to leak green and yellow fluid from his rectum constantly for nearly 2 hours .. he had to wear a nappy and continued to do so this evening .. something he is so not impressed with or happy about . He had no swelling of his ankles until today when they have started to swell ..but no a's severely as in the past . So was just wondering has these kind of symptoms happened to anyone else ? Think he's due the ct tomorrow where I'm sure we will know more .. but your Imput and advise would be most welcome x just to add he is still yellow as his is skin xx thanks all deb xx

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  • Sounds like he must have cirrhosis. I have had green/black liquid once before for like 2 days. . But I don't have cirrhosis tho I had an endoscopy too. I guess wait n see results of scan. For any hope of improvement or stabilisation he has to stop drinking. Period. X

  • I had Sepsis last year and it attacked my liver, spleen and gall-bladder. I also have PBC, which until that time i'd been dormant. I was in hospital for 6 weeks and was put on IV antibiotics, long term steroid treatment, diuretics and antihistamines for the itchy skin. I too had ascities and swollen feet. I was passing bilirubin in my urine, a yellow, orange colour, green is an indication of bile where black would indicate a bleed internally. My Liver Function Tests are now back within normal limits. My symptoms were due to Sepsis and PBC and I'm not a drinker (the odd glass of wine with a meal) but if his are due to alcohol, he must stop drinking. I've since recovered except for excess tiredness and weight loss, had to buy a new wardrobe in a size 8!!! I hope he gets the treatment he needs asap, good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery x

  • Sorry to jump on the post but lilacfi161 out of interested did you have PBC before the sepsis or did it create problems. I had sepsis 5 years ago and have had trouble since. Xx

  • diagnosed in 2003, dormant until Dec 2015 but Sepsis started Aug 2016. Luckily LFT's are fine now but have horrendous night sweats and the tiredness is dreadful too. I'm 47 now but some days I feel 90 xxx

  • I'm glad your lft's are better now. I'm hoping to have a diagnosis on Tuesday. There has been a known issue since 2012 after my sepsis. And since then had 3 other "set backs" but after my last really having issues. Like the night sweats. Tiredness. Pain etc. But lfts back to normal. I really don't understand it but I'm hoping a diagnosis will give me some idea. Take care xx

  • fingers crossed for positive news on Tuesday, PBC is diagnosed with a positive mitochondrial antibody on your blood tests. I also suffer with horrendous itchy skin, from head to toes, even piriton doesn't control this. On my last scan/biopsy, non- alcohol related fatty liver showed, so even though bloods are normal, the PBC has obviously damaged my liver.

    I no longer have upper abdominal pain but since the sepsis I have severe pains in my joints. My GP has referred me to a rheumatologist who I'm seeing in May, she thinks it's either rheumatoid arthritis (another auto-immune disorder) or CRPS (look it up on Nhs pages to see if it links to typur symptoms). This is the main reason I don't sleep well due to pain.

    Do you have any other auto-immune problems as they all can link together. I have B12 injections every 9 weeks and have done for about 4 years now, that causes excessive tiredness and joint pains so another possibility of 1 of the causes of your problems.

    I also got a letter from the surgery last week telling me my bloods have shown I have pre-diabetes (type 2) and sent me a generic letter on things to do to lose weight. I'm 5'8", weigh 68kg, have a BMI between 23-24 and wear size 8-10 clothes, hardly obese!!!

    Sorry for going on a bit but just want you to look at the whole picture of your symptoms and how they could be linked.

    Let me know how you get on on Tues, maybe PM me on Facebook. My name is Fiona Wilson, from Stockton-on-Tees and it will say attended Grangefield school 1986, give me a few hints if you send me a friend request so I know to accept you xxx

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