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Update on partner, some good news

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Hi all. I hope everyone is as well as can be and staying positive.

My partner had his transplant last weekend and is doing well! Less than 4 weeks on the list with 2 unlucky trips, but 3rd time all systems go.

I can only tell it from my experience.

I can't explain the relief and gratitude I feel.

I truly, genuinely, thought I was losing him. He has been so ill. So weak. So swollen. So full of ascites. So tired. So out of breath. So yellow. So unhappy. So uncomfortable and in pain. So different. His speech became difficult, his reasoning skewed and for such a long time now. Ultimately just under a year, but honestly, it feels so much longer.

I hope this transplant will give him his life back. He's so lucky to get a second chance at life. I just want his old self back (less the drinking). I've missed him. Whatever happens next (this has put a massive strain on our 'relationship') I'm so very glad he now has a future.

If you're reading this, with a similar diagnosis and still drinking... Please, please stop, find help if necessary. It really is not a dignified, pleasant end. No one is invincible. This has shaken me to my very core and I am only an observer. To suffer this way is unthinkable.

Wishing you all love and light. K 😘

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Brilliance 👏 wow big stuff eh 🤗

Bless you, I can't imagine how you feel, it must be such a massive bag of mixed emotions to say the least!!

I hope he is as ok as possible...I can't comment re TP, but the physical you describe I have had. It is nasty to go through, some don't, your partner as you say has a second chance, amazing game changer for him.

Well done you - sticking with him through it all. One day he will realise and look back, remember some, (maybe not all of the journey) and be so very, very grateful to you. I'm sure you will get him back, with flying colours. I wish you all the best, (and don't forget you are super special too). 🙂 💞

What wonderful news for you both.... thrilled for you xx

Fantastic news what a gift all the very best to you both xx

Congratulations on his transplant, here's to an uncomplicated recovery, take it very slowly, recovery from transplant can take up to year, welcome to the recycled parts club💚

What wonderful news. I wish your hubby a good recovery and both of you a happy future.

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Thank you for sharing this. We send you both warm wishes.

Big thank you to the Trust for the support and advice you provided via your helpline. Friendly, calm and understanding. Waiting while I cried. Honest but reassuring. I really appreciate it. You have an amazing team xx

Fantastic stuff Sunflowerblues 👍

Brilliant news.Wish you both all the best.

The thought of having my transplant frightens me and you have just made me smile with your news. There is a chance for us all.


That truly is fantastic news, wishing you both all the best, onward and upward now, thank you for updating us, Time to look forward to your husband having a good quality of life, Take care xx

That’s wonderful news, I wish you both all the best and hope he has a speedy recovery. Onwards and upwards. Xxx

My very best wishes to both of you x

Thanks everyone 😁I'm still concerned about him but it's early days so hopeful of a full recovery. 12 months on the mend will be so much better than the 12 months in decline 🤞

Fantastic news, wishing you both all the best.


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