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Bile reflux after liver transplantation or just Acid Reflux? Anyone?

Hello all, I'm still here feeling so horrible with all these symptoms. They put me on metoclopramide but I felt so depressed and distressed after taking them. I do not have good experience with these anti nausea medications. Cyclizine was another one that basically used to make me so drowsy when I was in hospital.

I'm just wondering has anyone had bile reflux after liver transplant because of gall bladder removal? I've read about it and I instantly felt anxious because it seems like a chronic condition? I've been on 2x lanzaprazole 30mg and it is doing nothing for me. I have a constant heart burn and my throat feels hot with burning. Also constant nausea and also vomiting.

Any advice while I wait? I was told by the pharamacy not to take gaviscon because it will not absorb tacrolimus something along that line! He said my medications could be giving me all these gastric symptoms.

Anyway, a little bit of feedback would be lovely.

It is really hard looking after two children when your own health isn't great. Today I've been in bed all day because I've felt so exhausted from all these symptoms.

Kind regards


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Sorry to hear you're not feeling so well. I don't really have much to add except that immediately after transplant I suffered with a lot of hiccups. I was told this was because of the positioning of the liver near the diaphragm. Could this be related?


If you don't mind me asking RodeoJoe, what kind of hiccups? I was fine digestion wise after the surgery. It only started recently. Today I'm feeling awful. It feels like something is stuck in my chest and this constant burning. I still haven't called my coordinator as I feel I will be annoying them! I managed to make an appointment via Bupa with a gastro doctor for Monday. Shall I still call my coordinator?


Nothing but normal hiccups really, but intermittent for the first few days after transplant. I mentioned it to the consultant and he mentioned the diaphragm. I wasn't surprised to hear that things needed to settle a bit. But I was really suggesting that perhaps it's not the lack of a gallbladder, but the positioning of the liver that could be causing the issue??? Could be slightly bigger??? I'm certainly no expert, I've had no issues with reflux , and of course my gallbladder is missing too.


I've left a message for the coordinator so let's see if she calls back.

But would the problems such as the liver being too big cause problems after over a year? Just feel so frustrated today. I feel like taking something to rid me of this horrible pain. I had I think about a few spoonful of cereal. My food intake has been really low not to mention how I am vomiting everytime I eat!


Yeah, I'm not sure but it's worth asking. I mean the operation is massive, they move around all your organs. I'd say it's probably not the problem though if the reflux is a new thing.

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