Feeling anxious

Just had a 3rd set of bloods taken. Originally had an ultra sound as had all the symptoms of gall stones but no gall stones. This set of blood tests done at a haematology consultant who has now booked me in for a ct scan of neck, chest and abdomen, still have the belches, and upper right quadrant cramp sensation that radiates to the back, worse after meals. Sort of crapping it a bit as to what's next, don't feel overall I'll, just a fairly constant ache in the right rib area.

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  • ultra sound does not always pick up gallstones.

  • Hmmm haemotologist Made the hairs on my neck stand up though said he was trying to rule out lymphoma out as my spleen was enlarged. Scared the heck out of me !

    Don't feel ill just have a nagging pain all the time.

  • sounds very much like gallstones to me trev especially pain after eating meals. i'v just replied to your other post. so i mentioned not to eat any more than 3% fat at each meal and very small meals.

  • I have had the same pain for years. Had my gallbladder removed and thought that would take care of my pain. But continued having ruq abd pain espically after eating. Sometimes it was so bad I was bedridden. Saw my PCP several times after one of the severe pain issues and blood work showed very high liver enzymes along with high alk phos. I also have excessive burping even after just drinking something. Liver biopsy showed Sarcoid of liver. Now I'm told I have stage 4 liver disease. I do not drink or smoke. If a simple diet change can stop all my pain I'm in!!

  • this is the advice i'v been given and there is a gallstone diet sheet that you could google. i think we have to eat sensible even after the removal of the gallbladder as its the liver that makes the stones and they are collected in the gallbladder. once the gallbladder has been removed they just move to other parts of the body, when i was rushed into hospital in may with the stone stuck in my bile duct and there were a few women in the 80's would you believe one of them i got talking to had a stone stuck in her bile duct and she had her gallbladder removed 25 years ago. there was another woman in there in may who also had the same thing and they gave her the same procedure as me its called an ERCP and they managed to remove the stone from her bile duct but when i went in again a day short of a month later she was still in hospital she had also had her gallbladder out years ago. there are dangers with this ERCP procedure one of them is pancreatiis which i got and the other is infection and damaage of the bile duct.when i went in she was in a side ward on her own so i take it she had got an infection, if you'v had your gallbladder out you should be able to eat normally but take care and dont have fry ups and cheesy pizzas and anything to creamy or fatty. it would be a good idea to get a juicer and try a liver friendly diet. its not really a diet as such but a healthy eating for the liver and this should really help you.also smaller meals are more easy to digest.i hope this is helpful for you. there are many people who get their gallbladder out and have nothing but problems and there are others who feel back to normal. im sorry to hear that your removal has not been brought you much relief. a good healthy diet can work wonders. love grace xoxoxo

  • Cheers for thst info Grace111.

    Had my transplant 2 years and 11 months ago and all has been fine but recently I have been getting a lit if pain in back right hand side and under front rib cage. It got so bad ended up in local hosp. They did an xray am scan but could not find anything and said I had an inflamed and badly pulled muscle and sent me home with a lot of pain killers and I mean a lot I am still taking them nearly two weeks later and the pain is still there. Not as bad but if I stopped the pain killers it would be. Amy way based on your new info I will look at gall stones as a possible cause, wstch what I eat and see if I can get an MRI scan done even if I have to pay. I cannt continue with this pain. Thank you again, this site is so useful xx :-D dizzi

  • Thank you so much. I have honestly thought about some kind of liver cleansing. The discomfit is usually always there until it turns into downright pain. My Gastro doc ordered an MRI and although they didn't see a stone there was a stricture and dialation of the biliary tree. Was already diagnosed with Sarcoid of the liver but because the fibroscan shows such advanced disease they are doing a laporoscopy to obtain really good biopsies. I guess what's holding me back because I do not think my diet would cause so much trouble. But if alcohol can cause this then my diet could also.

  • Had to go to my docs on Monday as pain and sickness got really bad, given heavy dose of anti biotics as when pressure was applied front and back on my right side I nearly took off. Anti biotics do seem to be helping.

    Had a CT scan yesterday 3 weeks or so for the results. Just hoping it's not a serious nasty.

  • I m in the same boat just had a rather painful episode, going to try see doctor next week, had an ultrasound via AE last time but no gall stones found and I was ok for 3 months and now this

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