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Feeling low......again!!!

I can't believe I am posting on here again after going great guns. I am due to see my liver consultant in a couple of weeks, I thought by then I would have lost 3 stone and be the picture of health. I did lose 2 stone and a stone has crept back on. Feel desperate, hating the way I look. I am have been on the internet even contemplating taking diet pills to help me lose weight. I have fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, gall stones and type 2 diabetes.

Gave up alcohol completely for months then had a massive relapse just after Christmas. Seem to only manage a day or 2 without alcohol then back on it. My children hate it when I drink.

Oh well, I will keep trying and hopefully beat this before it beats me.

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I have a rough idea of how you feel although every ones journey is different, I went to AA at one point and that helped in the jig saw of stopping drinking. I have heard many threats and that did not to the trick of stopping, as in the early stages the drink at least may me feel better for a while, but that then that stops and I have had two to three years of every symptom and no drink, how I wish I stopped at the first signs.

So now in my case I have in my mind that even one drink will kill me, (which could be true) as I would go off the transfer list all medical support would be restricted for at lease three months.

After a while you come like a converted smoker, there is a real pride in saying no.

My advice is please do it ! it only gets harder ! I certainly lost the weight when you get sick enough to a stage where all my clothes just hung of me, I am now pleased see it coming back at least people have stopped looking at me and expecting me to just drop dead.

You can do it be proud and think of every one else who is trying to help you and the one bast... who at a wedding suggested one would not hurt me. Can go to he...


Hi liverlove. You sound like you are trying to do too much on your own: giving up drink and lose weight at the same time, sounds impossible.

Try it with support from others: - join AA, giving up the alcohol is a priority with liver disease. Also giving up alcohol will automatically reduce your calories intake!

Once you feel confident about that, join something like weight watchers for the dietary support.

On these 'secret eaters' tv programmes, our worst enemies seem to be snacking (so don't have biscuits/cakes/crisps/sweets/sugary snacks in the house and you cant eat them) and portion sizes. No more than a fist size amount of meat on your plate and at least 50% of the plate with veggies.


There are so many social pressures to drink and it is hard to resist these, along with all of the other personal things that drive us to think that there is some kind of solution in having a drink (or two or more). Try to put the past failure behind you and start again - today, or failing that, tomorrow at the latest. Remind yourself that you can look and feel better when you don't drink; that it will make your kids happier; that your chances of managing your symptoms will be improved.

I am now 2 years 4 months 4 days since I had a drink, during which time I have lost 5 stone, had a liver transplant (HCC arising from haemochromatosis and alcohol) and feel great. I am fitter than I have been for a long time and alcohol holds no appeal for me. You do have to develop a taste for sparkling water and less than sparkling wit (when surrounded by people who still drink).

Please try. Best of luck.



Why is there not a club we can join, not AA but a place where we can all talk and find things to do, take our minds off this, we just live for the next hope. I am with someone who go's to the pub 3-4 times a DAY, and just leaves me on my own, I have no one, I can go weeks not seeing anyone, oh he has said he will take me to the pub!!


Hi All,

Thank you for your comments and support. I cut down for a few days (not good for me) and ended up having a binge yesterday. Not feeling too good today but am working a late 2-9.30 today and tomorrow.

I have had enough of living like this, I don't really enjoy the alcohol anyway. I don't go out to pubs but drink alone in the house. I have tried a couple of AA meetings in the past but didn't really take to it. None of my friends know about my problem. I have decided that I am going to tell my Mom and Sister on Saturday. They know I have fibrosis of the liver and are concerned about my health, they think I stopped drinking a while ago.

Got to go and try and eat something now before getting ready for work. I spoke to my children this morning and told them I won't drink anymore. My 12 yr old Daughter told me that I am a lovely person when I don't drink, made me cry.

Anyway, it's action not just words now.

Thanks again, I will keep posting on here.xx


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