Large liver cyst

I have recently been diagnosed with a large liver cyst and looking for any advise from others with similar experiences.

Approximately 3 years my GP sent me for a US for possible gall stones. I was found to have a 6cm liver cyst which did not require any follow up.

Recently I began having bad pains in upper right abdomen, bloating and extreme fatigue. I was given a further US and advised that the cyst is on the anterior surface of the liver spanning both lobes, the liver cyst has grown to 13.1 by 6.6 by 6.5cms and have been referred to a upper GI consultant.

I am wondering what I can expect to happen next as I seem to be in constant discomfort.

Many thanks in advance

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  • I would imagine you are looking at some form of imaging scan for them to get a more detailed view, it would appear obvious to do blood tests including liver function, from there on in it will depend on the course of action, I had cyst aspirations performed to see whether they were linked to the biliary system, to be honest I'm not sure there are many more tests I could of had.

    Fatigue is a well known side effect, this can be because of lower stores of glycogen in the liver down to poor blood quality, I 'm currently getting over severe anemia caused by varices.

    At this time, ask questions, get the tests etc done, see if changing your diet helps how you feel, generaly a diet that is lower in fat especially complex saturates, stick to clean whole foods, smaller meals spread throughout the day, carbs before bedtime.

    Any questions people on here will always give advise on there own condition but some questions should be aimed at medical professionals to get the answers you want.

    Hope that helps.


  • Liver cyst is due to many causes.Common cyst is Amoebic liver abscess,Cysticercosis or Necrotising liver abscess

    It can be removed by aspiration under local anesthesia and the aspirated fuidl clinge the cause

  • Many thanks for your reply, it is very helpful as at present I have not had much information regarding the cause of the cyst and the reason for the increase in size.


  • Thank you for your reply which was very helpful. I have had blood tests done which are all normal. Can I ask is it likely that the Dr will do aspiration as I have read this method will not resolve the issue long term.

    I hope that you are continuing to recover and wish you well.


  • My aspiration was only to test the fluid to see if it was linked to the biliary system and what it's make up was, and whether it was benign or malignant as I have cystadenoma so my cysts have a solid mass and growth from the side wall. The aspiration made no difference to my condition and wasn't a procedure in that sense, I have heard of cysts being drained then 'stuck' collapsed to remove pressure from surrounding areas, but not something that works for my case.

  • Many thanks for your reply. I wish you well


  • Hello Julie, I have a simple liver cyst within right lobe of liver, started off 18 years ago as 2cm cyst, forgot about it as it was then harmless, but now suddenly 12cm in diameter and enlarging. I sympathise with your situation coping with the internal pressure and all that goes with it. Mine is pressing on inside of ribgage and in constant pain. I had all the tests, HIDA, MRCP, EUS, to eliminate any other probs. The abdominal ultrasound gave best image. I am now waiting for referral from gastro consultant to see liver consultant at specialist liver unit as these are the only ones who can sort this sort of problem out. I expect this is the way forward for all of us with this type of cyst. it takes time to get through the system so be patient. It sounds like your cyst is on the outside of the liver so dont know what procedure they will use. In my case deroofing can be done but my cyst may be too big now. As yours may be more accessible they might be able to do this. Your consultant liver specialist at your nearest specialist liver unit is your best way of getting info. Small light meals with good liquid nurition helps with the pain and discomfort, exercise is useless as the internal pressure is too much even though the medics encourage it. I will keep posting as I get more info in case it may be helpful to others and wishing you all the best and a speedy good result.

  • Many thanks for your reply which I found very helpful. I'm not sure if my cyst is outside the liver just that it spans over both left and right lobes. I also get a lot of pain around the right ribs and in my back. I have my appointment with the GI consultant next week so will keep you updated! I hope that you get on ok too

  • Hi Julie, my referral to liver surgeons has been received so now they will have a meeting to discuss my case and decide which is the best option to achieve a good result, I should get an appointment to discuss it with them in about 2/3 weeks. Can't wait to get it sorted.... hope you are ok, Olwyn.

  • Hi Olwyn

    Glad your referral has been received and you will hopefully soon know the plan. I saw the general surgeon last week whom has urgently referred me for MRI which is this week and also referred me to the liver specialist.

    I asked what he thought the outcome maybe and he said either a Deroof procedure or resection. I am hoping it's the first option. Julie

  • Hi Julie, Looks as if things are going in the right direction for you. We seem to be in a similar situation. Hope your next stage goes to plan. I am waiting for the referral apointment now which may take a few weeks as liver cysts even very large ones are not always very urgent.... even though we feel they are. We are lucky to have such experienced medical experts to deal with these things. Take care, Olwyn.

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